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Every Damn Day in June 2022

Two heads made of mesh. They are not quite facing each other. Photographed in the art museum in Ceret France.
An exhibit we saw in Ceret France

May was a lean month here on MPB. Elsewhere too I’ve been pretty absent. Much of May was spent away from home. It was fun and productive because we spent time with family and friends and we also (fingers crossed) may have both sold and bought properties in France. These activities gave me little time or headspace for writing for my blog. It’s not that I don’t have blog material, I do but as often is the case at this time of the year I lose momentum.

But onto June. Today is the first day of Every Damn Day in June. Something invented by Hy of A Dissolute Live Means and now being hosted and run by Molly. I won’t promise to post every day, it’s not what’s required, nor is it possible. But I hope that this will give me the incentive to get blogging again.

The fun bit

Last month was such fun and quite the whirlwind. There has always been something about being in the apartment in France that has been a bit special for us. Ever since the first time I took Master with me to open the place up for the year back in 2014. We’d only known each other a couple of months. But it was a place away from everyone and everything else in our life. A place just to be together. Right from that time there was sex, lots and lots of sex.

Fast forward to this spring and sex had been largely absent. For really good reasons. Firstly at new year Master injured himself, we think he probably cracked a rib. Therefore moving around itself was painful for him. Then of course on March 23rd I had the most massive of huge operations. My breast reconstruction. Recovery has taken time, not surprisingly. But also I know Master has struggled to get his head around my changed body. I am too, but for him it is harder as perhaps it was when I first had the mastectomy.

But there in France for a couple of weeks, we found our mojo once again. We had time just to be. True it was interspersed with periods of activity. But, we definitely had time to get back to our morning sex activities and boy were they worth waiting for. To begin with it was painful when his cock pressed its way into me, lots of lube was required. But there is nothing like practice to make things better, or even perfect. We even got back into the swing of our M/s relationship. It felt we were rediscovering each other. I, his slut, his bitch. He my Master and Lord.

Back to reality

I have no doubt we can keep things going now we are back home. But it will take some effort on both our parts. I’m back to work this week and so we have less time for the fun stuff. But since I only work 3 days a week, we do have plenty of time, so no excuses.

Other stuff is niggling though. I have no photos to use to join in with Sinful Sunday. A small hole in my new boob scar means I’m forced to dress it daily and wear a bra day and night. That, I can tell you is getting to be a real pain after 10 weeks! I don’t feel inclined to have photos of me taken in this state, even though you’d have to look closely to see the wound. Over all though I feel good about my body, especially now that the scars are fading. Obviously there’s a long way to go but they signify the journey I’m currently travelling and that is fine. Once the weather warms up again though maybe there will be some nice arse shots. Master definitely likes taking pictures of my backside.

The wedding is just over 2 months away so we are entering full speed ahead mode. Last night we went to the hotel for a menu tasting dinner and took my son and daughter in law with us. A nice evening and pretty much there with choices. This month too we have a planning meeting back there as well as one with the registrar to set up. Plus there’s stuff to pay for, but I guess that’s the reality for you.

Finally we are in full house buying in France mode. With constant correspondence from the notary in France and legals stuff to read and digest. Hopefully part of our honeymoon in September will be spent moving in!

Onwards to June

So, June will be busy. But with the prospect of time to keep ourselves on track. Sex, maybe a bit of kink, maybe a Munch. Plus, writing. I need to get the writing momentum up and running. Maybe daily for a few days would help. I’ll see what I can do!

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