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I'm sitting naked in the middle of a large made bed. My arms are outstretched to the headboard which is a large horizontal structure.
Proud to be naked

It’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin, to feel it’s ok to walk around naked. I’m an inhibited soul deep down, or maybe I was conditioned to be so. Who knows. Here are #Five Things about what being naked means to me.

People didn’t walk around naked when I was a child

Not in our family anyway. We wore clothes in the day time and night clothes at night. No nipping to the bathroom and back without a dressing gown or at the very least a towel. I took these habits with me into the world and continued them in the nurses home I lived in during the early 80’s. Then onwards to my marital home. My ex wore pyjamas when we first met, and I wore either pyjamas or a nightie. We didn’t tend to walk around naked either, something that feels strange now. But it was how we were brought up.

Learning to sleep naked

I don’t know when things changed, but they definitely did. Sometime in my 30’s. I distinctly remember putting a nightdress on to get up in the night, or go downstairs. Maybe the ex and I lost some inhibitions, though definitely not all. My son didn’t grow up in a house where people walked around naked either. I wish now I’d been a little less inhibited. Still I’m pretty free now.

Learning to live with someone who is comfortable naked

Being with Master has been a learning experience in so many ways. He displays his body as he sees fit and desires me to do the same. He told me at the start of our relationship that he preferred me naked to dressing up in lingerie. This is basically true, but he also likes to see me in harnesses, lacy underwear and dresses as well as leather.

Over the years though I’ve become much more relaxed about my own body, partly because he is happy to walk around naked at home too. He is also not averse to stripping off outside if there is no one about. He is quite the exhibitionist to be honest.

Clothed Dom and naked sub

The kink of the week prompt for this week. I‘ve written about attending club events naked while the dominants (in this case male) are fully clothed. Over time I’ve got used to this concept. Being naked in public no longer worries me, particularly as all the submissives are in the same position. Though some do stretch the definition of naked.

I find that being naked while Master is fully clothed to make me feel particularly submissive. There have been numerous times at home where this has happened. I’ve stripped off for him, while he has stayed clothed, at least for a while. I know he finds it extremely arousing as to be honest do I.

Even after my mastectomy we returned to the club and I have found people to be extremely kind if they mention it. Though often more wrapped up in their selves and their own Dom / sub if not. Which for me is just fine.

Not being able to be naked

Right now I’m a bit fed up because I really can’t be naked. I’m having to sleep in a bra due to the stubborn wound on the inner aspect of my new boob. I though it was nearly healed, but no it seems to have opened up a bit again. The plastics team seem unconcerned as this ‘happens sometimes’. But it is interfering with my ability to be naked in bed and to walk around as such. It was bad enough wearing knickers and a bra day and night for over a month, so I am feeling enough is enough.

So at the moment no club visits for us, even ones where nakedness isn’t required. but thankfully it isn’t interfering with our sex life. I need to write more about that very soon. Holiday has definitely revitalised the sexual side of our relationship which has been a huge boost that both of us needed!

8 thoughts on “Naked”

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey in this area. The post inspired me to try to being naked around the house. It’s odd, my parents did walk around naked very often, I never felt comfortable doing so. Part of it was that they sent me to fundamentalist churches when I was young. There was a lot of preaching about the Rapture and as I child I was terrified that I might get raptured naked, so I made my showers as quick as possible and always had clothes in the bathroom.

    That was many decades ago and I don’t believe the same things any more. My wife is often topless and sometimes nude — though there’s often a sheet from the waist down if she’s lounging in bed. I’ve never suggested she put on more clothes, but kept mine on. Now I’m willing to try to be less encumbered at home. At least in summer. Where I live EVERYONE bundles up tons in winter.

    Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Thanks to you and your Master for modeling freedom for us!

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  4. I loved this bit about you Julie. Outstanding picture, You are owning that entire spot. I am a voyeur, so if this is too personal, feel free to ignore my question. Is that y’all’s bed? Lol, the backdrop is out of sight, as I dig it.
    Another question, is this pre mast. or post reconstruction?

    Either way, great boobs.

    1. Thanks. The photo was taken pre-mastectomy and in a fabulous hotel room. I’m not sharing many post reconstruction photos at the moment as I’m not properly healed. Thanks for the compliment x

      1. Hi Julie (MPB),
        Hi how are you and your Master? I hope well. I was NonyaB and I and now nonyabakame now. I don’t remember if I found you traveling online or exactly the details, lol , but I have probably have read all your older writings ( I have been MIA as of late, trying to figure out what do at 53 yo. No, I didn’t have any bolts of lightening, but I did conclude that I am going to go abroad and teach English as a foreign language, meet some amazing people and see some some sites. I’m a person who likes things organized but my life has been anything but for last 5 years. So I have been trying to square away the bloggers/writers who have inspired me and their thoughts connected with mine along the way.
        You and a couple others are at the top of the list.

        Just wanted to drop you a note, hope all is well with you and yours.

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