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The process of healing

Me in a bath, it's a selfie so you can see my left arm but not right. The scar on my right breast reconstruction is visible as is the small dressing in my cleavage.

I’m healing up slowly. That’s not entirely true. Most of my body is healing quickly and well from the DIEP breast reconstruction I had on 23 march. There’s a stubborn area in the cleavage that is healing, but slowly. Thankfully this hasn’t hindered my rehabilitation and ability to get travelling again.

We booked the apartment in Bordeaux where this image was taken before I knew I’d be having surgery. The thing that attracted us was the large jacuzzi bath. We certainly weren’t disappointed. Because 2 days of travel, including a night on a ferry and an afternoon in Plymouth. Plus an evening in Bordeaux took their toll on our bodies. Especially feet and legs!

Part of the healing process has been the ability to exercise. I can’t do any swimming, gym work or yoga yet. But I can walk and we’ve been trying to gradually increase the length and duration of our walks. Add to that the gradient we’ve been climbing in some of the places and I’m getting back to where I was.

Once I’m home from France I plan to get back on my food and drink (less alcohol) regime in preparation for our wedding which is only 3 months away.

Surgery forced me to rethink my wedding dress, because there is no way now that my waist is slimming down to the size of my previous purchase. But I might even like take 2 even more.

Next month I’ll be back at my desk too, because not only do we have a wedding to finance but as of yesterday a new house in France to finance and fill with furniture. I have an amazing feeling about the new house. It will be our second home, but we plan to be there as much as we can and fill it with fun. Plus love and family and enjoyment.

The process of healing of course involves physical things, a wound for me. But also it involves seeing new places and jacuzzi baths. Laughter and sex. Lots of sex, but more about that next time.

My legs in the jacuzzi bath. The water looks purple because of the lighting.

7 thoughts on “The process of healing”

  1. Oohh … can’t wait to hear “more about that next time” … and more about your new homes and new fun there. And of course, can’t wait to hear more about the wedding to come!!!
    Xxx – K

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