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We are in the tunnel and there is a light showing the end. Master is leading the way.

This week’s No True Way is about responsibilities. It asks if the submissive has specific and wide ranging responsibilities, chores or even dare I say it rituals (See this week’s Five Things). I really don’t take responsibility for everything that goes on in my life. To be honest it isn’t what Master wants from me. Plus we are in a relationship where responsibilities are shared.

When I was working more than I do at the moment Master did more of the chores around the house. These days I do a lot of the cooking and cleaning, but he takes responsibility for the garden and household maintenance. This is a complete change for me, because in my previous life I used to do pretty much everything. What’s more Master likes to take responsibility for a lot of our holiday planning, with some input from me. I’m pretty happy to let him do all the hotel searching etc. I found the airbnb that we are staying in when we get to France on Monday, but he booked it up.

With the wedding I’ve taken on the responsibility for much of the planning and organising, but this isn’t feeling like a chore at all. I’m loving it and am pretty excited about getting married to my man. He has been allocated the task of choosing music for the ceremony. For once I’m doing the allocating of responsibilities. He has taken this on with enthusiasm.

In terms of our M/s lifestyle, I don’t tend to take the lead in many things. I’m happy to be told what to do, when and where. I’m compliant in a way that I really am not in every day life. But again I am hopeless at decision making and love when he gets masterful and helps me out. Our relationship works for us and that’s the point. It’s ours and it’s unique.

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