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Xenas, Yours and Zodiac

It’s 30th April and I’m 3 days behind. The past couple of weeks have been busy ones, which is good. But I’ve also had less time to blog. Plus when I’ve been away as I have a few times, I’ve left my laptop at home on purpose. So this is one blog post for XYZ.


Think Xena warrior princess because Xenas is the plural of Xena, meaning a tough, strong, confident woman or women. Finding a non medical or scientific word beginning with X is a challenge. So Xenas it is.

To be fair, I’m nothing like Xena and never was. But strong and confident I am and tough I can do. This month has been about reviewing my 10 year blogging history. I’ve made it through a marriage breakdown and divorce and 2 other relationships. The latter one still going strong. What’s more, I’ve survived breast cancer and a mastectomy and recently a DIEP breast reconstruction. My son who was 21 when the blog started and still at university is now 31, married and doing grown up stuff. As for me, well I’m both the same and different.

As I described in my last post – Wonder – I write the blog for me and try to remain grounded in who I am. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever play to the crowd. Of course I do. What’s more I also fantasise a bit and use my experiences in erotic fiction. But in the main, what you see is what you get.

Don’t think you can’t be strong, tough and confident and be submissive too, because you absolutely can. Sometimes though letting go of everything else and submitting to Master can be tricky. But it’s not impossible.


I’m his. For the past 8 years, Master has been asking me who I belong to. “You Master”, I say. “I’m yours”, and I am. His ownership of me is important to him. It provides stability to our lives even when all around us is difficult and challenging. Over the years I’ve written about all the great fun things – holidays, events, time together, you name it. But I have also written about the challenges, often they are external to our life together. But that makes them no less difficult to manage. Through everything I hope everyone can see that me being Master’s is key to everything. Yes, Master this girl is yours. Still this girl even if she doesn’t write it much or indeed says it out loud either.


The zodiac is a pattern of constellations said to reveal the future. Well i’m not privy to the information held in the stars, so the future is something of a mystery. Of course there are things planned in the near future, our trip to France next week, when we will be house hunting. My return to work at the end of May all being well. Then in August the wedding. We will be not only Master and slave but husband and wife. I plan to write about these events of course.

As my blog enters its second decade I wonder what the future will hold. Whatever does, I’ll be writing about it here. Posting my images, writing about ageing and sex and about my life with my new boob. One thing is for sure is that even if I don’t always write as much as I have the past couple of months, I will still be here, writing something. You can be sure of that.

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