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Im strapped to a bench and my bare arse has been spanked.
One of my vices

I should be on X but I’m only on V. As usually I’m behind with the A-Z, which means I’ll have to write more than one post today. That to be honest is one of my vices (if you can call it that. Biting off more than I can chew – rushing in with enthusiasm and not exactly planning it properly. But invariably I get there in the end. So staying power is a virtue.

On to the other 4 of my 5 Things on Vices. Defined on as a moral failing or bad habit. Since I try not to lie and cheat, most of my vices will be pretty tame. Of course there are people out there who think my very life is a vice.

BDSM and Kink

It’s not a vice to me but it could be seen as such. I’m really not out to any one I know outside of the community. Maybe the vice is not being open. But on the other hand it is none of their business and doesn’t tend to affect their lives. Back in the day, especially when I was working I worried a lot about being found out. But gradually over the years I’ve become more open on the blog. The 2012 me is definitely a different person from the 2022 one.

You’ll notice I share my face, even when in a compromising position. I’ve decided to take a chance that it’s unlikely anyone I know will discover my blog. What I don’t do though is share much about family and friends. I definitely don’t share photos of them.

Disgraceful behaviour

Master and I can be bad for each other. Sometimes we just over indulge, mostly on wine and other alcoholic drinks and misbehave a little. Usually, you’ll be glad to know, this takes place in our own home. But at our age we deserve to have some fun. Play doesn’t happen then, because we need to be in control to play. But there may be singing and dancing, laughing and falling over. Sometimes the falling over causes a few weeks of pain. Then, like recently we tend not to be able to have sex or play. So maybe we should grow up!

Lying and cheating

I said I don’t lie for cheat much. But of course the first couple of years of this blog is about just that. I’m not proud and all of us have moved on. If I had my life again, I’d do the same stuff but in a different order.

Vices for the future

If you’d asked 30 year old me what she thought about a 60 year old woman walking around outside in a short skirt and no underwear, I’d definitely have though it was disgusting. Now though I want to do more of those taboo things. I own an immense amount of leather and lace stuff that needs to be worn and I intend to wear it. I also plan to be naked more and to do stuff into my 60’s and 70’s that 30 year old me would find disgraceful. Hopefully she would be proud of me for breaking taboos. I have a sneaking suspicion she would.


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  1. I kind of know what your going through I’m 60+just I don’t do the submisive stuff but I think back to 30 just keep enjoying your self you only live once.

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