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Socks and other clothing

This post is a 4 way meme; go me! Socks is the current Kink of the Week and Clothing is the prompt for this week’s slightly extended #Five Things. S is today’s (belated) Blogging A-Z and I’m also linking to Sinful Sunday.


Back in February 2019 I wrote about favourite socks. Actually I’d forgotten how much I liked the socks below and am a Bit ashamed to admit that I haven’t replaced those. Most of my socks now are short ones. Functional and bright, but not especially sexy. I’ll have to invest in new long socks for next winter.

Long socks, they are grey, pink and white patterned. A little threadbare around the heels. You can seem my left knee and thigh.


I’ve never been a completely matched lingerie wearer. I’ve had my moments but in the main its about comfort for me. Unless of course I’m trying to impress! I’ve possessed a couple of lovely corsets, but they sadly rarely fitted. This post for Sinful Sunday shows a rare glimpse of one.

Having said all that, since my mastectomy in 2018 I’ve spent an enormous amount of money on lingerie, in particular bras. Firstly I had to replace my entire collection of bras. They needed pockets for a prosthesis and also everything underwired had to go. So essentially I was starting again. This set from 2020 is one of my favourites.

At the moment I’m wearing support knickers and sports bra day and night. This is for the first 6 weeks post reconstruction surgery. I can’t tell you what a pain it is to sleep in underwear. Also none of what I’m wearing is especially glamorous, though again I’ve spent a lot of money on it!

Soon though I’ll be out buying something new, probably some of it will match and it will appear here.


Today I’m wearing a dress, a rarity right now. Comfort has been the thing, but I’m fed up with comfortable leggings and trousers. Hospital visits necessitate separates, and there have been too many of those recently. So I’m planning to wear more dresses in the coming months. Summer helps that of course, as will my upcoming trip to France, where it should be warmer. Dresses also lend themselves to some disgraceful outdoors behaviour of course!


Are shoes an item of clothing? Well they are for this 5 Things. I don’t know about others but I doubt I’ve worn anything with a heel in months, if not 2 years or more. But I’ve just bought this pair of shoes. I’ll be wearing them in August at my wedding. They are actually pretty comfortable, but I will be wearing them in a bit, because comfort for 10 minutes is different from several hours.

Clothing in general

As I’ve alluded to, there are two things that will make me want to wear new and also different clothes this year. Firstly the wedding. I’m in the process of sorting out my wedding dress, which won’t be white. I had an idea of the kind of thing I wanted but then found I’d have to settle for a bridesmaids dress. But now, I’ve found a company that will help me choose something that fits and suits me and is also adapted for what I want. What’s more it won’t break the bank. More details after the event.

Even more exciting is that this summer, at long last I’ll be able to wear lower cut tops and dresses again. Plus some of the ones I already own that have thin straps. I’ll be able to wear a strapless bra or no bra. This makes me really happy. I’ve held onto quite a lot of clothing in the hope that this time would come again. I’ll be spending some time this coming week sorting it out.

My weight loss has stalled a bit post surgery, but I have a plan for making that happen once I’m back from France at the end of May. The main reason for this now is to ensure I keep my new surgically changed body on an even keel. Plus, given I’ll need new underwear my wardrobe of other clothing fits me and I don’t need to replace that too!

6 thoughts on “Socks and other clothing”

  1. I love socks. I’ve recently started wearing short, no-show, footie socks with my sneakers. Somehow the sock monster that lives behind my washer and dryer has gotten a hold of a few of them though, so I am mismatched!

    And comfort is my number one priority in clothing these days. For everything really, but especially in bras. I’ve discovered a bra I LOVE ❤❤❤ and I’ve just ordered it in another color because it feels like a chest hug. 🙂

  2. Lovely, lovely photos all … and gorgeous shoes!!!
    I’m sure they will suit your occasion perfectly !!!
    And looking forward to seeing more of your photo updates along the way of the course.
    Xxx – K

  3. Like you I don’t think I have worn heels in over 2 years. I am not sure I will rushing back to them to be honest. I have decide to embrace comfort in my life…. but then sometimes a good pair of heels are just the thing.


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