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Qualities to look for in a partner

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I’m not sure I’ve always been the best judge of what qualities to look for in a partner. But I know that I hit the jackpot with Master. He wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but he is definitely mine right now. That might not always have been the case. He is opinionated, pretty much always right and beyond dominant. I think 30 year old me would have found it all too much, even if he did love me, which he does.

By the beginning of 2017 we were planning to live together at a point in the not too distant future. As I wrote below, we’d begun work together on my house to prepare for a sale.

Increasingly I feel sad when Master and I have been together for a prolonged period and then have to separate and go to our own homes. This week is no exception. I want to be with him, and need to get on with making that happen. During the second half of last year we completed quite a lot of work in my house and garden, all in preparation of my selling the house. There is now very little to do before the house can go on the market.

I anticipate that the process will not be without its stresses, and don’t under estimate the sadness I will feel when I leave. My house is less cluttered that Master’s place. He is working on making it less so, but there is a way to go. Then there is the fact that the house will be his and not mine. Though of course there is no reason that it won’t become home to me, but it will take time”.

“Living together will mean that we can get on with living our life together in the way we wish. That our Master / slave dynamic can become a greater element of our lifestyle. It will mean that I can express my submission more overtly and he can do the same with his Dominance”.

One of the most fabulous things Master has done for me is to attend Eroticon with me. It’s not really his style. But he has attended and embraced the sessions. Plus he’s enjoyed meeting the people and in 2018 and 2019 taken pleasure in seeing me restrained and vacuum pumped! My Eroticon 2017 post is here and a picture of me being vacced is here.

Master has taken me on some amazing trips to places I’d never have imagined going. I’ve walked up hills to monasteries and castles plus visited more churches than I’ve had hot dinners in a year. But Master has booked us into some fabulous hotels and taken me to seafood restaurants even though he can’t eat fish. There will probably be more of that this year.

He has put up with my family even when some of them (mainly my mum) have barely tolerated him. What’s more he has been patient and friendly and even made a friend of my brother.

The biggest hurdle we both faced was my breast cancer in October 2018 which has changed our lives in many ways. It has caused the kink and M/s to often slip onto the back burner. But has helped make our relationship stronger and longer lasting. He is my support and rock as well as my Master. Over the years we have become partners as well as Master and slave and this year I will become his wife.

I haven’t really spelled out the qualities to look out for in a partner, you have to read between the lines. However hopefully they aren’t too hard to spot!

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