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Ownership and possession

I am wearing a pair of black knickers. You can see my bottom, lower back and thighs. The words: This Ass is the property of Master is written on the knickers.

I’m behind with the blogging A-Z but for a good reason. We’ve been away for the weekend, staying with friends and delayed our return until yesterday afternoon. I’m pleased to say I’ve been on some reasonably long walks with no ill effects. Which was one of the reasons we were a little later getting back. Anyway on to O and P, which I’m going to put together.

I didn’t start to talk about being owned as a submissive or slave until the beginning of this relationship. It wasn’t really a feature of my previous ones. But from the start Master declared he owned me. It’s true and may have happened as soon as the first or second day after meeting. Master felt something between us that compelled him to want me as his possession.

The first way this manifested itself was through control and ownership of my orgasms. This was significant in itself, but as time went on the desire for control, to be thought of as a possession intensified.

October 2014:

This relationship is no longer limited by the needs of another relationship. This girl and master have the freedom to allow things to develop. This girl is getting ready to make significant changes to her own life particularly in formally ending her marriage. 

For all the sadness she feels at the loss of her father, this girl looks forward with a positive heart. Happy in the knowledge she is owned‘.

In March 2015 I discussed how my view of the missionary position had changed:

“If you had asked this girl about the missionary position a few years ago, she might have rolled her eyes. Most if her sexual experience, what there had been of it, had been spent there. That isn’t to say other positions weren’t attempted, but it was the preferred position of the husband.”

“He spread girl’s legs and examined the labia He owned. Then He leaned down and claimed the clit with His mouth. He nibbled and he licked. She felt His teeth, she felt Him suck. She moaned with pleasure. They both knew, however that orgasm was a while away. Moments later, He plunged His fingers into the damp, hot pussy. He worked her now as He rubbed the clit. Suddenly He spoke.

“Who do you belong to?”

“You Master”,   she replied

“Who owns this girl’s body?”

“You do Master”

“Whose cunt are you?”

“Your cunt Master”

“Who are you”?

“this girl’. “Yes”. He said. That is your slave name.

From February 2016 when I wrote about the slave I’d become

The key difference that people notice about me now is that I appear to be a happier, more fulfilled person. They assume, quite rightly that Master is to a great extent responsible for this change. He is, but probably not in the way that they imagine. Yes, the fact I have someone to tell everything to helps as does his encouragement for me to put my and our lives before those of everyone else quite as much as was the case.

But the real fulfilment comes from the safety of knowing that I am his slave, his possession. The collar that he placed around my neck last July is part of that, a tangible symbol of my slavery. It does however go much deeper than that, right to the core of who I am as a person.”

“Master suggested to me that I often forget who and what I am when life gets busy and he is right. Saying the words “this girl” at the beginning of a sentence really does help to remind me and also to make me think about what I am about to say or do.

Thoughts on ownership and possession

These are not terms we think about for humans, except in extreme and unpleasant terms. People are not meant to be treated as possessions, even special prized ones. Nor are they meant to be owner and slave. But this really is the crux of our relationship. I still don’t entirely know why it works for me, but it does.

Giving up control of my orgasms and then the rest of my body to Master has helped me to let go of many of the shakes of life that seemed to hold me back. Now I can be me in a way that I want, because it is what he wants. That sounds odd, but doesn’t feel it. My need to please him, to be the person he wants over rides. But that doesn’t mean that I am in any way abused or persecuted. I have given myself to Master to use as he wishes. I consent to anything he asks of me. But that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t withdraw that consent. That knowledge is enough.

I will return to this topic later as there are one or two more aspects to it.

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