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Summer Nights

Master and I are in a hot tub at night. You can see our happy faces, the water and down to our chests. I'm wearing a blue and white swimsuit.

We plan to get a hot tub in our own garden, but for various reasons that hasn’t happened yet. In our own garden we’d be able to get naked and be just a little naughty. Then obviously enjoy both summer nights and other times of the year too. But this photo was taken in an Airbnb garden. We were renting a converted garage over in Northern France and they had the hot tub in their family garden. Hence my swim suit. I’m looking to many more summer nights like this in the future.

I’m taking a couple of days break now to spend time with friends. I’m not taking my laptop with me and instead am going to chill, eat good food, drink wine, sing and talk bollocks. That’s a direct quote from my friend. See you Tuesday for O.

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