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We’re down to just a few meme’s at the moment, but at times over the years there’s almost been one for every day of the week. I thought I’d take a look back through my meme blogging over the past 10 years and see what I’ve written.

Back in May 2015 I wrote about Suits for Kink of the Week. Apparently then I’d never seen Master in a suit!

“So, here’s the thing. While I have to agree that a man in a suit can look pretty darn sexy, actually it is not the suit that makes the man.

I haven’t seen Master in a suit since they are consigned to the working wardrobe he no longer needs. No doubt if I saw Him in a suit, it would be a great turn on. Especially if it were well cut and it fitted Him well. But actually I don’t need that”.

This still rings true, but I’ve seen him in his suit a few times. This year he needs a new one, for our wedding!

This bit was a bit of an insight into how CMnf might be:

“The whole dynamic when He is clothed and I am naked is pretty much enough to send me to my knees. There is something very erotic about being instructed to undress, knowing He intends to remain clothed (at least for now).”

Kink of the week is now hosted by Molly of course, sadly Masturbation Monday is no longer around. I also started posting for Kayla’s meme back in 2015. This post from November of that year caught my eye. Mainly because it’s pretty erotic.

“It started with a few strokes, admiring the soft pussy hair he leaned closer for a look. Her hips arched up as the first twinges of arousal gripped her, making her move her body towards his fingers. Gently His fingers stroked the slick area between her labia, then examining the piercing he leaned even closer and she felt his tongue brush over her.”

“Impulsively she took hold of His balls, coupling them gently in her hand and squeezing a little before moving onto the erect cock. Already the orgasm was beginning to build and for a while she let those feelings build in her”. You’ll have to check the post to read more.

My first Sinful Sunday post was a year later in November 2016 and I’ve posted nearly 200 times since then. Molly runs this brilliant photography meme and its a great way to post even if you have nothing to say. Well an image can save a thousand words, or however the saying goes.

I'm lying on my back. You can see one breast, with nipple piercing. Some rope is entwined around the nipple and runs across the breasts. There is a faded tally mark on my tummy and a faded tattoo on the breast.
First Sinful Sunday complete with fading orgasm tally!

I try still to contribute to the memes that are around. I especially try with the ones that last a month each year, like this one – Blogging A-Z. It’s not always easy to last the month, and takes time and effort. But it’s worth it afterwards when there’s something to look back on.

My first Blogging A-Z post was in April 2016 and was about anal and acceptance. Now this is a revelation because I don’t remember writing this.

“I hadn’t really given much thought to anal sex before I started on this journey, to be honest I didn’t realise that it was in any way common for men and women to do such a thing, I honestly thought it was something men did together only. Having said that, I wasn’t actually disturbed by the idea once I found out more”.

An insight into the psychology: “Plus there is the feeling that the power he has over me is all the greater during those moments and also that it feels a bit naughty and degrading. Those kind of feelings turn me on even more”.

Something on acceptance: “If someone had told me say 5 years ago that I would ever identify myself as slave I would have laughed in their face. The fact that my life had always been about service to others never occured to me. At that time, I often felt taken for granted, used and unappreciated”.

Of course there are many more memes, but they will have to wait for another day. These I think give an insight into what was happening when I began to join in and participate in the sex blogging community. I’m grateful for them as they have provided me with much material and continue to do so.

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