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Living life and enjoying it

Master enjoying the large jacuzzi bath in one of the hotels we stayed in.
Master enjoying the bath in one of the amazing hotels we’ve stayed in

One of the most amazing things about being part of this relationship has been the opportunities I’ve been given to start living my life and enjoying it. Plus, doing it in a way I’d never been able to before. There’s been travel, here in the UK and in Europe. But also lots of cultural things I’d never been able to experience before. Not to mention the kink related things we’ve done. This post is a celebration of all of those things.


Our first trips together were all short breaks. We travelled to France, Lisbon and Amsterdam. The latter two were treats from Master to me during difficult times in 2014. An opportunity to get away from my family responsibilities and enjoy some down time with him.

Easter 2015 though saw us in Spain for 2 weeks. The locations we travelled to and hotels we stayed in offered the opportunity to capture some naked and semi naked photos. By then I’d started to share some of these on my blog. In those days I followed some underwear rules:

“I am not alone in having a rule within my Master / slave relationship that underwear is only worn with permission when we are together. This is something I have embraced even when it makes me feel open and exposed. After all, that is the point. It serves as a reminder to me about who I am. As well as offering Him open access to my body as and when He wants it. Over the winter, I have to admit that my naked body has been covered more often than not by trousers and jumpers. And, when wearing a dress, by opaque tights. So the trip to Spain and the rising temperatures after the first couple of days meant that once again I could wear just one item of clothing and my shoes.”

I also describe in that post some of the problems of walking around a hot place with no underwear on! The following year we travelled to France and Sicily. The only thing that has got in our way when it comes to travel has been the pandemic. So this past couple of years we have had to curtailed our adventures.

Other pursuits

There was a time when we seemed to be out and about most weekends and some evenings in the week too. Theatre, films, art galleries, concerts and museums. My cultural experiences have grown exponentially over the past few years. Before autumn 2018 I was working so it was sometimes hard to fit everything in. But to be frank I lapped it up and enjoyed it for the way in which it helped stretch my brain.

As well as that we’ve branched out to kink clubs, kink fairs, dungeons and of course Eroticon. None of which I’d envisaged visiting before Master and I got together. This post details how everything seemed to be coming up at around the same time in 2017. In this one I recount my first dungeon experience, which definitely wasn’t my last! Finally in this post you get to see the bed we slept in that night.

Master and I have been together for 8 years. In that time we have done so much together and experienced so many things. I’m glad I’ve had this blog to help keep the memories alive and to share those experiences with others. I hope we can go on living life and enjoying it for a long time to come.

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