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Friendships and relationships

Beach view from the balcony where this was taken

This week’s No True way offers the following theory in the management of a power exchange relationship:

Make a plan how to correct your mistake. 

Often it just means avoiding the thing that lured you to begin with. It could mean you end a friendship or activity, if things need to be drastic enough.

If I’d thought about it I could have included this in my Blogging A-Z post yesterday. I mentioned that I’d tried to extend a friendship to Master’s original slave, but the whole thing was a massive disaster. Indeed her actions probably caused her relationship to end more quickly, but I digress.

In my time I’ve had some great friends, some of whom have led me astray. But I don’t think I’ve done anything that bad to cause embarrassment to anyone I’ve been in a relationship with at the time. Bearing in mind I was married to my ex for nearly 30 years and have been with Master for 8.

Over the years friends have come and gone. There is nothing like the break up of a long term relationship / marriage to help sort out who your friends are. Those that stayed with me did so, I think because they like Master too. Having said that we aren’t people to have great friendships with people we spend our lives with.

This weekend coming we are going to stay with people who are becoming good friends of us both. She and I worked together but didn’t really socialise much together until we both went on a trip to Germany together. My ex was there the first couple of times. But actually it was after we split that she and I became closer. Also recently divorced and now with a partner she is marrying this year, we have more in common. Lots of fun and laughter is on the agenda along with good food and no doubt wine.

The 4 of us spent a few days together in France last summer. We had a little too much to drink and got told off by a local for singing on the balcony after midnight. That is the extent of the bad behaviour and I’m looking forward to a little more of it. Looking forward to seeing them in their home up in the north of the country. Also looking forward to spending more time together later on in the year.

I think I and we are too long in the tooth now to exchange friends for good behaviour. Indeed we are the ones who get up to the naughty stuff. Click on the link under the image above and you’ll see what we got up to when our friends were out!

1 thought on “Friendships and relationships”

  1. Ending an old relationship is a good way to change your life and start a new relationship. Singing on the balcony in this case can be perceived as a hymn to a new life 🙂

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