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New Horizons

I am kneeling on the bed my ankles in a spreader bar. There is a clamp attached to my labia. My wrists are cuffed.

I definitely didn’t hang around. Nor did I shed a tear which demonstrated that it was time to move on. Two new horizons.

From Feb 1 2014

“i joined quite a while ago, but generally didn’t use it. Firstly i wasn’t looking for anyone and secondly i wasn’t really chatting online – i had S to keep me amused quite a bit of the time. Last weekend though i bit the bullet and reacquainted myself with the site and began chatting in one of the rooms. I have to say that i have been having the most fun; chatting, flirting, scening and just laughing (sometimes until my sides split).  I know these places have something of a reputation, but i have to speak as i found and i have found myself a fun time.

One of the first people i chatted with, lives pretty near to me. He and i seem to have hit it off and have  spent lots of time over the last week getting to know each other online (in the chat and on yahoo). Today i plan to meet him for a drink.

I guess the timing was right. Plus, neither of us started chatting with a view to a meet up. But when we discovered we only lived about 30-40 minutes driving time apart a meet up was inevitable.

Later the same day

I wasn’t sure myself at the beginning, but as we chatted and he started to stroke my thigh, i started to warm considerably. Our chatting combined the ordinary getting to know you stuff with the kink. As usual i had more to tell than him, but that is just me. he let his hands and looks do the talking.

It was a sunny if cold day and he suggested a walk around the beautiful country village where we had met in the pub.  This village has two churches, one the original and one that the Lord of the manor had built because the old one was perhaps too old! On a winters day this gives ample opportunity for a discussion of kinky likes and dislikes, kisses, and gropes where a man and a woman feel a physical attraction.

Back at the pub, i over ruled my previous diet coke related sensible side and ordered a glass of sauvignon blanc.  As i warmed up and we chatted more, he asked if i wanted to go back to his. i was sorely tempted but remembered my head, which was difficult when he stroked my leg, thigh and groin and of course when he kissed me“.

I had to fight off a strong desire to go back to his place that afternoon. The physical attraction was strong on both sides. Instead we waited 24 hours and I went for a play session at his the next day. Looking back, I apparently gave Master (obviously that’s him now) the impression that I was more experienced in terms of BDSM play than I was. But that’s only because I thought I was. It turned out that S’s idea of play was tame. However I regret nothing, as the saying goes!

Feb 2 2014

Today’s instruction was easy access to my pussy. So i arrived in black skirt, top, black boots and stockings. Underneath i wore my new lingerie.

I think i was wearing said clothes for at least 2 minutes after crossing the threshold. He kept the stockings and boots on.

A few minutes of kissing and of his hands on my breasts and pussy and i was on the bed on all fours.

Its a while since i wore a butt plug, but since i have a reasonable amount of anal sex in the past few months, its insertion was pleasant, reassuring……..

Next some duo balls inside my cunt………

Nipple clamps attached…….

Electrical stimulation had my nerve endings pretty much standing up on end……..

Finally, after my pussy had been stroked, pumped

He began with the Hitachi wand.

There was some pain, some spanking, but my abiding memory is of orgasms.

I don’t want you to think it was just about the toys. It wasn’t but hell, this very submissive slut found the toys got her to a place she won’t be leaving any time soon.

I’d rarely found subspace after the first few intense months with S. But I found it now. Neither of us intended our relationship to turn into to anything especially romantic. He wanted a sub and I wanted a Dom. We wanted a play relationship with a bit of added fun time together. There was an added complication anyway. Master was at the time involved with someone else. A long distance, but long term relationship.

But more of that in a few days. Because I’m now going to spend a post or two luxuriating in the joy and excitement of my new relationship with the man who is now my Master. These were definitely new horizons.

2 thoughts on “New Horizons”

  1. I am so enjoying reading these posts Julie … and looking forward to more catching up too.
    Wonderfully sexy and arousing. Very, very arousing!!!
    As is that lovely photo !!!
    Xxx – K

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