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Days out

Cliffs, hills and a lighthouse. This is Beachy Head Sussex in February 2013
Winter on the South Coast of England 2013

The entire relationship with S lasted for 21 months. But since we lived over a hundred miles apart and with south of England travel that equated to a distance of 2-4 hours. Most of the travelling was done by me. He had the place to stay and I had the car. This meant that after the first flurry of excitement, we tended to see each other every month to 6 weeks, sometimes for a day and other times for a night. I can count on one hand how many times we dined in a restaurant (he was more of a picnic guy even in winter). And on one hand again the number of times we stayed together all night in a hotel. The first of those was the first time we met in person, yes, I really did that.

Anyway each of our encounters is detailed on the blog (apart really from the first because I hadn’t started writing then). Sex, exhibitionism, role play and general kinky naughtiness featured greatly. It was thrilling, but wholly unsustainable over a long period. Looking back you can sense my excitement as the next day with S approached and my unhappiness afterwards. This was a combination of subdrop and uncertainty of when the next occasion would come.

There were some memorable days (and nights though).

Derby Day 2012

I dropped my ex, his dad and friends in Epsom for the races and then met up with S at a car park close to a large wooded area. So began a day of naughtiness which involved me being tied to a tree, play with clamps and me wearing stockings and suspenders under a summer dress. It culminated in me being fucked on a picnic table, which I’ve blogged about subsequently.

Days and Weekends at the coast

S lives on the coast and so there were many days spent walking the coastal path or along the beach. Picnics in little coves and ice creams walking along. Sometimes I even wore normal clothes, though not often. When the weather wasn’t so good we’d spend much of the day in bed and then S would cook for me. He was a reasonable cook, a bonus because my ex couldn’t cook at all.

Often there would be a little trip out to humiliate. Walking out in heels and stockings just for the fun of it. Crazy behaviour looking back.

Nights and weekends in hotels

As I’ve said there were a few. The first was when S stayed local to me, though I didn’t spend an entire night there. I had no excuse to offer my husband and so just went home and returned the following morning. It was actually a B&B which made my behaviour seem very odd to the host. As you can see from this post, there was an odd moment when I had to return for a bag of toys. Humiliation of the highest order.

Better was the weekend in 2013 when we travelled further afield and stayed away 2 nights. The 4 some (which I’ve also written about since) was memorable in some ways. In others it is a massive blur of body parts and people. What is clear now though is that S was a man with a bucket list. This one got ticked off and soon after he decided to dump me.

There were more days and nights after that but essentially things turned into a fun and kinky friends with benefits relationship. But more of that later in the week. Tomorrow is about Eroticism and the search for love.

2 thoughts on “Days out”

  1. Loved reading this … and catching-up with your links that I’ve missed before. Lots of tingles as I read !!!
    And isn’t “crazy behaviour” such fun to look back on !!!
    Xxx – K

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