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In the light

I'mm standing infront of a mirror which has lights around it. The lights are reflected at the bottom on my tummy and to a lesser degree at the tip where my hands are. You can see my left boob, arms and hands.

This week’s Sinful Sunday prompt is Backlighting. Given that I’m not really in a state for taking photos right now I had a look through my older images to see what might be suitable. This one standing in front of our bathroom mirror which has lovely lights around it appealed to me. I’ve definitely not shared it before and it was taken in December 2020. While it’s not the best photo ever, I mean, it’s focusing on my hands more than I’d like. But I do actually like the way the lights at the bottom light up my skin. Also re reflection of the lights at the top. So hopefully this will suffice. Happy Sunday.


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