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Blogging A-Z 2022: All about the archives

It’s April 1st and that makes it time for the Blogging A-Z for 2022. This year it’s going to be all about the archives. “That’s cheating”, I hear you say. Well, maybe it is but this month is a special anniversary for my blog – MPB is 10 years old on 21st of April. So, a month looking back at the archives seemed like an approach.

How it began

I’d started a new relationship, though wasn’t even partly out of the old one. 10 years ago today I met S online and that seemed to set me on a pathway of sorts which has led me to where I am now.

It all started in some random BDSM leaning chatroom, but what I liked about S was that he wanted to talk about anything and everything. The same thing happened with Master when I met him.

Around that time I’d been reading various blogs, mainly of submissive women and was lapping up what they were writing. Once S and I had actually met in person and it seemed we’d keep seeing each other, I decided to start my own blog.

I’m sad to say that in starting World of Joolz (as it was called then) I completely deleted another previous blog. That had been about work related stuff and I am really sorry that I didn’t just take it offline. Because it had seen me through some difficult times too. Anyway that’s all history.

What about the archives?

Apparently I’ve published 1579 posts on my blog in just under 10 years, so this is post number 1580! I guess that will give me sufficient material to work with. Over the years I’ve written some long and some very short posts. There are images, memes, heart felt soul searching and glib bits of fun. But my blog is something I’m proud of. It has helped me navigate my way through to the end of my marriage, seen me through the death of my dad, through breast cancer and of course finding the man I plan to marry this year.

I’m going to try to work chronologically, for my own sake as well as any reader. Though I may cross months and years with some of the words and statements I use to get me through the alphabet. I’ll pull out some defining posts and may even republish some in their original state with updates. I know my writing has developed over time so that will be a challenge. I don’t plan to re-edit anything unless it’s really awful.

So that’s the plan for April. A trawl through the archives of Master’s Pleasing Bitch (MPB) formerly known as World of Joolz, established 2012.

To see who else is participating and to find out more about the challenge, click below.

2 thoughts on “Blogging A-Z 2022: All about the archives”

  1. With all confidence I want to tell you that 10 years is a long time even for a human life, and even more so for a blog. And since the anniversary has not yet come, but there is not much time left before it, now it would be most appropriate to turn to history and remember how it was.
    So let’s refresh our memories!

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