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Meet my new boob

CW: Post shows image of post operative healing.

While the initial recovery post reconstructive surgery was challenging, I’m now making great progress. So far it’s not difficult to make sure I take things easy, the slightest thing wears me out. But I can see progress each day. Mobility is the best one. To begin with getting in and out of bed or a chair was a big challenge, as was standing or sitting in a dining chair. But gradually, almost without realising these things have become easier. I’d like to get walking a bit, but we’re at the top of a hill and it’s damned cold outside. So for now, I’ll mainly potter around the house and do my thing.

Yesterday I went to get all the dressings changed and since I’m looking presentable, I took a couple of pictures. So, I invite you to meet my new boob. I’m really pleased with it, I hope you like it too!

This image shows my existing left boob and my newly fashioned reconstructed one on the right
This image shows me Fromm head to pubes and shows all my healing wounds covered in tape. New boob and right across my hip area. Also some bruises.

8 thoughts on “Meet my new boob”

  1. Hi New boob, nice to see you. In the very first picture I said to myself, looks like it’s healing great. Are you pleased MBP, with the results?

    Your energy levels will start making leaps and bounds. You think having a surgery, maybe overnight, 2 and back home, you will be housework, back to schedule in no time. The reality is surgery is a traumatic on our bodies and then our bodies are busy healing whatever it needs to (this includes fihting off infection) . Great boob Julie, lol, and sending light and love to continue you on your healing journey.

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