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A pleasant demeanour

A selfie of me smiling. Taken on Christmas Day at my mums. Calm under pressure!
Me being calm at Christmas!

I’m keen to get back to some regular blogging and glad I’m just squeezing into the deadline for No True Way. This week’s prompt suggest that the submissive should possess and maintain a pleasant demeanour.

I guess this suggests that by their very nature submissives are pleasant people, always able to smile and to please their dominant. If life were like that I’d be happy to spend my time naked at Masters feet too. But of course that’s the problem isn’t it, life comes with its twists and turns. It requires us to work and encounter the best and worst of what the world has to offer us.

In the main, I’m a reasonably calm person these days. I spent a lot of years being angry at my life, but now have no need to feel that way. Some of this may be down to being fulfilled as Master’s slave, but more of it is being with him as a person. Even then, I have my moments and so does he. Daily focus is not on our M/s relationship, but rather on life in general.

Arguments were a common feature of my previous life, often instigated by me. My life with Master is not argument free, far from it. He has strong opinions, but often these days I walk away from confrontation. I find that it’s just not worth it. He often has more information and knowledge on a topic so unless I’m passionate about it or think he is plain wrong I don’t go there.

I’m a reasonably measured and thoughtful person and would consider I have a reasonable demeanour most of the time. But I’m not putting on a front; it wouldn’t be possible to carry this on for very long. In our M/s dynamic I do seek to please but again this isn’t for reasons of show, but because I love him and truly want to make him happy. As, actually he does me. When we are out, I don’t want to show myself up, much less him. I’d rather leave any confrontation till we were in private. That seems like good human behaviour and hopefully I’m a pretty ok human being.

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