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Five Things About Orgasms

Me lying on the bed getting myself off with a powerful wand.

This week is proving to be a busy one. Yesterday I devoted my day off to spring cleaning and to exercise, but that meant no time or energy for blogging. So, I’m really behind and this is my first post for March.

I’ve written about orgasms a lot on this blog, so I’m using this post to highlight Five things about orgasms:

  • The vibrator was invented by two victorian doctors who wanted to find a treatment for ‘hysteria’ in women. There is even a film about it, though I haven’t seen it. Back in 2012 I wrote about this and my own late start to the world of orgasms.
  • Orgasm control is a feature of this relationship. From the beginning, Master offered me many orgasms, but always expected me to thank him for them. This is still true.
  • Orgasm on demand was something Master could do. His control over me back in those early days was pretty absolute. He would count down, sometimes from 5, but other times from 10 or 20 and I would come when he instructed. Somehow it’s got lost, but it was amazing while it lasted!
  • My orgasms are pretty powerful things and I often get very wet, but I don’t squirt. There is a chance I did once, but the memory is fading on that one.
  • Since breast cancer and starting hormone inhibiting treatment, orgasms have become more difficult to achieve. In general I need a powerful vibrator of some kind to get me off. But once I get going there is still no stopping me.

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