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This week’s No True Way is about adaptability:

I think submissives are the most adaptable people on the planet. We bend and change behaviours on a whim.

I’m not sure submissives are more or less adaptable than most people. Certainly I’m the same person I was before Master and I met. Though I am certainly a happier version of myself, and some of that can be attributed to his dominance and my submission.

No behaviours were bent and changed on a whim, but some have definitely changed with his support and encouragement. In the main they relate to giving less of a fuck about what other people think and putting myself and him before others. Then there are the ones that demonstrate my submission to him and only him.

That is the key thing about a power exchange relationship. I’m not just any old slave, I’m his slave. So, I will act differently if and when he wants me to, because that’s what I’ve agreed to do. Admittedly I’m not the most compliant person when it comes to rules, but then he isn’t much of a task master. But there are limits which I certainly don’t push. Over the years we’ve worked out what I must do and what I should and we just get on with those things.

From time to time he pushes the boundaries and I find myself doing things I thought I wouldn’t. For example, I was pretty sure I’d never walk naked around a club while half the other people are fully clothed. But I have and I love it. So much so, that I’ve continued to do so even after having a mastectomy.

If we’re home alone and Master tells me to kneel on the floor and suck his cock, then I’m likely to willingly comply. If he demands sex, I don’t tend to say that I’m not in the mood. In the past I would have been less compliant. But now, in this relationship I’ve willingly given my right to say no to those things to him. Along with my limits. That’s because I trust Master to know what is best for me and to keep me safe. Of course, I also know that I can end that right at any time because we are consenting adults.

So yes, I am adaptable and I have changed. But I wouldn’t do it just for anyone and nor is it just because I’m a submissive or a slave.

1 thought on “Adaptability”

  1. I am glad that you are a happier version MPB, I quite like to read your thoughts, I like that you are not just ‘any old slave’ lol.

    I am not a blogger but I hope it was okay to comment here.

    I hopefully have switched phones for the last time for awhile. They have been through insurance. I am quite confused by WordPress. 🤷

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