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Being a pet

Me wearing a dog mask.
Me kneeling on the floor naked, wearing a bushy tail.

I’m not a pet but I do enjoy wearing a tail, or even a dog hood and have done so. Pet play in BDSM involves the submissive taking the role of an animal, crawling around the floor, eating from their owners fingers and wearing animal like attire. I’m not a pet, but I am intrigued by it.

A few years ago we attended a Kink event in London where they had a pet corner, complete with cages, toys and more. It was interesting to see grown people crawling around as cats, dogs or rabbits. More recently at a kink club there was someone dressed more completely in an animal costume. Really quite compelling I had to struggle not stare. Not for bad reasons, but from sheer interest.

I haven’t been able to find the book in question, but I once read an extreme BDSM novel about a girl who was abducted and made to train as a pony. The whole thing was both horrific and wonderful in equal measure. Fitness training, wearing a bridle and being hitched to a cart, made to race. Crazy stuff, but I know this kind of thing (hopefully not the abduction) happens.

Our little games have been tame in comparison. Crawling around the living room in a bushy tail, wearing a dog mask at a dungeon. Humiliating, degrading but an incredible turn on all the same. We need to do some of that again (we discussed this last night when I told Master that pet play was kink of the week). We definitely do.

2 thoughts on “Being a pet”

  1. I don’t really think I have a pet play kink apart from when it comes to wearing a tail. Something about that just turns me on but I do love the aesthetic of pet play in others. Years ago we went to the BBB and there was someone if full horse wear including hooves and a horse head mask. It was absolutely stunning and there was a true beauty to it


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