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I am lying naked and using a wand vibrator to make myself orgasm.
Can I come?

Another week in review for the EJC. It’s been a busy one and I’ve had little time for blogging. But I managed to post my February photofest every day after missing Saturday due to host server issues. On to the week.

Feb 14 Monday – Valentine’s Day

We didn’t celebrate. I’m not into the whole valentines thing any more and haven’t been since I spent the day in labour 31 years ago. It kind of took the edge off of the day. Plus to be frank it’s over commercialised and I can do without it. Usually I’d have a drink though and this year as it was Monday I didn’t even do that. All is good though because I’ve lost another pound and that’s what is important to me right now.

Feb 15 Tuesday – If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done

I think this may have been my motto 10 years ago when all this began. I set out to find out what I was missing sex wise and found the answer was a lot. So I set about changing my life. At times, it would have been easier to put up with my life and keep quiet. But ultimately that couldn’t happen because I wanted a better and different life from the one I had. Despite the heartache and tears (mostly mine) I’m glad I did it and would do so again. Though perhaps I’d end it with the husband before embarking on an affair. Still, I have 10 years of blog posts to show for it, so win win in the end!

Feb 16 Wednesday – Finding wonder in the ordinary: “If we could see the miracle of a single flower, our whole life would change.” – Buddha

I think we sometimes spend too much time worrying about things that maybe don’t matter instead of focusing on the simple things. Interestingly I bought some daffodils last weekend. They were completely closed and just looked like long stalks. Over night they began to open, until they were a bunch of yellow loveliness. It really was like a miracle. I know that’s taking the quote literally, but it did make me think about the beauty around us.

I’ve been choosing wedding things this week. I’ve found local independent small business people to make our cake and to do the flowers. I want simple, beautiful and well made things for this wedding. I want it to be a wonderful occasion that we and our guests can remember with fondness. I want fun after the misery of the past few years. Plus I want to see people’s faces when they are enjoying themselves. It would be cheaper to go off to a Caribbean beach on our own, plus the weather would be guaranteed. But I prefer to do this in front of friends and family.

Wedding planning is improving my life. Maybe I should go into it as a business (only joking).

Feb 17 Thursday – Do you save certain things for special occasions? Impose limits? Create boundaries? Tell yourself no?

Not so much these days, no. Since having breast cancer I’ve focused much more on doing things when I want. Also having things if I can easily afford them, rather than waiting. There seems little time in waiting for a special occasion if that event might not happen. I’ve spent too much of my life waiting and none of us know how long we have left, so get on and enjoy it while you can.

My daughter in law has covid for the second time. They were meant to go away for a special weekend to celebrate my son’s birthday and now they can’t. Instead he is making do with the KFC he had for his birthday dinner, instead of a swanky hotel meal. Mind you having your birthday straight after valentines can’t be fun!

Feb 18 Friday – When have you felt the most free, sexually? Explore that

It’s now. I’m more sexually now than at any time in my life. Master is a big fan of sexual freedom and encourages me to express myself. Last night we played with the fucking machine, it was fun and now I’m a little sore. We were a bit drunk and that’s how these things happen sometimes. We also have CMnf coming up in a few weeks, I’m looking forward to it very much. Events like that have been in short supply this past 2 years.

The best thing about me now is my ability to talk about topics that were previously taboo. Discussing sex and kink with Master, writing about it here. Chatting to other bloggers and tweeters. I love the freedom it brings and the education it provides. You are definitely never too old to learn new ideas.

Feb 19 Saturday – Reflect on the week

It was a really busy work week. I ended up working 4 days, though Monday and Thursday were just about 4 hours each. I much prefer to work on just 3, because it’s tiring and I then can’t get other things done. I did squeeze a swim in on Wednesday lunchtime though, so that was 2 this week.

We paid the wedding venue deposit and the invitations arrived, which is pretty exciting. I want to get most of the organising done now, while we are at home. Because by the end of March we’ll have things to do most weekend and be pretty busy. Plus at the moment the weather is rubbish, so looking at wedding flowers and cakes online is a pleasant diversion.

Still not much sex going on. Master’s cracked rib still gives him pain at times, but the sex machine interlude last night helped fix that for me. Plus he does enjoy watching. Plus there were orgasms and that is always a good thing.

So, to sum up, a busy week, but busy in a good way.

3 thoughts on “My week 14-19 Feb 2022”

  1. Wedding plans sound fun and exciting as does the fucking machine! I would love to come to CMNF but I think it is still too soon for me but I am hoping maybe in June if they have something then I can come


  2. I’m so happy for your life opening up for you this way. I don’t know you, but I feel like you have certainly earned much happiness.

    I’ll be interested in how the CMNF event goes, I’ve been associated with CFNM events for a long time.

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