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Taking compliments

I’m not good at taking compliments from people, I never have been. When people tell me I look good and I don’t think I try to make excuses as to why they think I do. And when someone tells me I look well I assume it’s because I look fat and healthy. At work I’ve learned to take compliments better, because at last I know I do a good job. So why am I unable to just take a physical compliment and move on?

Me sitting on a chair on the balcony of an apartment in France. It is a hot sunny day, with blue sky. I am wearing a blue and red top, but no underwear. My legs are spread.

Take this image, captured on the balcony of our apartment on a hot summers day. I’m not sure why I have no underwear on. Perhaps I’ve been posing or else, maybe we are about to have sex, who knows? But I’ve had this photo and not used it. In fact I stored it and thought I’d never want to use it, because I am and look pretty fat. That was the size of my middle at the time and I hate it. Therefore if you compliment me on the overall image, I’ll say, but I look so fat. Which is in fact what happened when Master sent it to me on WhatsApp.

But while thinking about todays Feb Photofest image and the Swap With Floss prompt about compliments, I knew it was the perfect picture to post today.

Because if Master feels I am worth looking at, complimenting on and taking my photo then who am I to argue. If he says I am attractive, then to him I am. Self image and self worth are tough things to manage. But sometimes we just have to take the compliment in the way it was meant.

3 thoughts on “Taking compliments”

  1. Yes absolutely. I wrote a much more wordy version of this and then couldn’t find an image to go with it because I was worried it would sound like I was asking for a compliment. Mad!


  2. There will always be those who like it and those who don’t. The only question is who are you targeting.
    In this case, the most important thing is that the Master likes you.

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