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Love,Sex and Romance

A picture of us snogging in a big jacuzzi bath.

It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to love, sex and romance. Well they do if you make and sell cards, flowers, cakes or any other elements of the Valentine industry. I don’t buy into it because I don’t like being taken for a mug. Plus I prefer my sex and romance all through the year, rather than being expressed on one day. There’s another reason I don’t go in for the day itself and that’s because I once spent Valentines day in labour. There’s nothing like to take the shine off of a few roses.

This is a #FiveThings post, so here are my five about love, sex and romance:

  1. Love is a great, great thing. I don’t think it’s something you can seek out it is something that comes to you. Often without you realising it’s arrived.
  2. Love changes over time, from the burning passion in the first throws of a relationship to the ebb and flow of normal life. That’s where we are right now, ebbing and flowing and I mean that in a good way.
  3. Sex is a vital part of a relationship, I know because that’s where mine went wrong before. Sex can also be anything you want it to be and boy have we done it lots of ways. We’re a bit down on libido since Master’s new year fall. But we aren’t short on love or on touch.
  4. Yesterday I spend half an hour on the phone to a florist. It was pretty much as good as receiving a bouquet on the spot. We were discussing my thoughts for flowers for the wedding and I’m really excited for what she is going to come up with. Romance but not in the traditional way hey?
  5. I live with and love with a man who would claim not to be in anyway romantic. I’d tend to disagree, he isn’t a hearts, cards and flowers guy. But he certainly knows how to find just the right words or gift to make me smile. Also he is crazy and funny. Only this morning on waking he told me he is a crocodile! Now who can’t be in love with someone like that

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