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A reflection of him?

Master is standing behind the net curtain of a large tall window. He is naked and looking over the rooftops beyond. I'm in the hotel room and took the photo.
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No True Way asks if the submissive is a reflection of the dominant? Also is the behaviour of the of the submissive the responsibility of the dominant?

We are mature adults with our own history. Before we came together we’d both been married, had children and other relationships. At the beginning of our relationship we had baggage to clear out, not that either of us realised it at the time. I was just coming out of a long marriage and struggled to cope with the emotions that went with it. Master supported me to identify what I wanted and needed from life. At the same time he helped me become the submissive and then slave he wanted.

Also when we met Master was in a challenging poly relationship. He had suffered previous rejection which caused him to be much more insecure than he imagined he was. Together we set upon a journey. Yes, it is one where he is the dominant partner and I am slave, but it is also a partnership.

There is no suggestion that my behaviour is modelled or controlled by him. Nor that it reflects on him if I somehow misbehave. For a start I’m a reasonably serious and well behaved person (she says while laughing out loud). No, when we misbehave we do it together and usually no one else is there to see.

Often though there is evidence of misbehaviour and this blog is littered with it. We are growing old together, sometimes being a bit naughty but none of it is illegal. Plus, and this may shock some people; we are having the times of our lives. Long may it continue.

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