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This week’s #Swap with Floss prompt is all about afters. After sex, after dinner or after a life event. In this case, after sun, food and wine, I’d imagine.

Me sitting on the sofa at my holiday apartment in France. I'm wearing a purple dress pulled up under my bottom, so showing my half tanned leg. I'm asleep!
I labelled this in my files as conked out!

The before

I’ve written quite a bit about the fact that most of our sex takes place in the mornings. That’s when Master is at his best, arousal and energy wise. For sex anyway, he is not in most things a morning person. It is rare that we have sex in the evening, though sometimes when on holiday there might be afternoon sex.

This means that soon after sex I’m out of bed and getting on with the day. It won’t be until later on that I might feel the need for a little snooze. Whether that can happen obviously depends on circumstances, but it isn’t unheard of.

I am much more of a morning person anyway. I’ve never been one for lying in bed when stuff could be done. Over winter and the dark mornings, I’m more relaxed about staying in bed. But in the summer I’d rather be up, especially if the weather’s good.


If sex is in the afternoon, then maybe I’ll sleep or just lie there feeling happy and comfy. But in the main, I’m up and in the shower. When it comes to other afters though, I do enjoy lingering over pleasant events.

Meal times are something I like to take my time over if the time is right. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the photo above is after a long lunch, maybe on the balcony just the two of us. Or perhaps one of the long lunches with friends that we enjoy when in France. They are usually a 3 course fixed price with plenty of good wine and excellent conversation. We are lucky to have people to meet up with when we are away and it is part of the attraction, because otherwise we tend to eat more at dinner rather than lunch.

After all of the lockdowns and lack of social contact I value times spent with friends and family all the more. The Christmas just gone was such an event, made special because of the anticlimactic on in 2020. Covid has made me more choosy about who I spend my time with however. I’m not mixing with people for the sake of it and I may never choose to do that again.

So, over all. If an event, fabulous sex or a leisurely lunch makes to tired afterwards. Take the lead from me and conk out!

1 thought on “Afters”

  1. Oh yes, I’ve celebrated many enjoyable times with a snooze afterwards, nothing better than being thoroughly exhausted because you had a such a great time x

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