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I'm lying on the bed, arms over my head. I'm wearing a blue swirly dress and you can see my knickers. I may be reflecting or snoozing.
In this image I’m reflecting or maybe snoozing. Taken in France last summer.

This has been a busy week, work and other wise. Unusually I worked on Monday then packed Wednesday which was my day off with busyness. Plus February photofest has started, for which I’ve been posting images with little text. It’s been as much as I can do to keep up with that. But today I have more time to catch up. so I’m reviewing the week and covering off 6 days of EJC in one go.

Feb 1 Tue – What are you passionate about?

Right now I’m pretty passionate about everything that I’m doing too make my life good. The weight loss continues, more slowly now but I’ve reached 9lb lost. I’ve also been busily organising wedding related stuff. Getting my head around Pinterest to find examples of decorations, bouquets, cakes etc. I’ve booked a lovely lady to be our photographer, we’ll be meeting up with her later this month. Plus, on Friday I met with a friend who runs a stationery design company and invitations etc. are off to print this coming week.

Right now, I feel passionate about the year ahead and Master and I sealing our relationship into the formality of marriage. I know others are excited too and I love that.

Feb 2 Wed – What do you really need?

I’m not really wanting or needing anything much right now. I have things to look forward to from next month onwards, but I’m not desperate to go anywhere. We went to the cinema last week for the first time in 2 years and had dinner before hand. It’s weird that we used to go out so much and now hardly at all. Once spring arrives though I’ll be raring to go. The film we saw was Parallel Mothers, directed by Pedro Almodovar. I found it really moving on lots of levels and would highly recommend it.

Feb 3 Thu – How do you keep yourself “in the moment”?

I think I’ve always been pretty good at living ‘in the moment’. I do like planning, in fact I have a planner or notebook for everything. But at the same time I like to be spontaneous in the way that I carry tasks out. Take blogging for example, my posts never quite come out how I think they will.

Feb 4 Fri – What makes you feel most free?

I’m sometimes in awe of the life I have now. For so long I felt frustrated and while not unhappy, perhaps a bit sad. Milestone birthdays came and went and I thought: ‘is this it, it this my life?’ Now, I am approaching another milestone and everything has changed since the last one. I’m secure, yet I don’t really have big bills to pay. I’m retired, but am currently working. I can travel and go places and I live with a man who loves me and also owns me. I didn’t expect any of this to happen but it has made me feel free to just be myself.

Feb 5 Sat – Week in review. “We must act out passion before we can feel it.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

I guess is you live through passion then you feel it. Whether it’s an act is another matter entirely. I’m pretty sure this life isn’t a dress rehearsal. But having suffered from cancer once, I know that life must be lived. There’s little point waiting for the right moment. 2 years of pandemic lockdowns and restrictions have also taught me that freedoms can be taken away. I’d never imagined that it could be mandated that you stay home. I’ll never take the freedom to take a walk, get my hair cut, go to a theatre etc. for granted again.

Feb 6 Sun – Preview the coming week. “The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love. What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.” – Pearl Bailey

I’m all for less paperwork. Unless it’s writing in one of my planners. I bought myself a wedding planner and have been filling in all the sections. I think it will be useful for ideas and also recording costs. Take it from me, the smallest wedding can cost a lot of money. We aren’t even being extravagant, well not very.

The week ahead looks pretty good and average. 3 days of work, 2 days of not work and Friday it will be my day for visiting my mum. She is pretty happy at the moment and I’m hoping no one bursts her bubble as I prefer the cheery her rather than the moaning one.

Cutting the booze out week days continues and is paying off. I’m about 4 inches on my waist from fitting my wedding dress. Plus about 1.5 BMI from being skinny enough for a boob reconstruction. I’d like that in the autumn if the hospital will play by my plans. I’ll find out later in the month when I have a phone appointment with plastics.

So, right now, it’s all busy but in a good and fun way. Long may this positivity last.

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