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The place that makes me feel calm

I don’t suffer from stress in the way I once did. There were times over the past 10 years or so when I have suffered really badly. There was one place I could go where I would be guaranteed to feel calm. In 2013 I was made redundant and while this in itself was a very unpleasant experience, it had a silver lining. I was able to buy myself a little apartment in France, I’ve had it ever since.

When things were going from bad to very much worse with my ex, it was my bolt hole. I travelled over to France frequently, often for weekends. Then when Master and I met, I took him there soon after. Since then we have travelled to stay there a lot. Last year we made the decision that it’s just too small to spend prolonged periods of time, so we will be selling this year. All won’t be lost though because we will be looking for a new haven of calm.

Why does it make me feel so calm?

A bright sunny summer day. An apartment complex complete with swimming pool. People are in and on the edge of the pool.

This is taken in summer, it isn’t always as blue and still. But it gives fantastic opportunities to just be. To watch others enjoy themselves, to see people going about their chores. To listen to the children in the pool calling “papa” (invariably) and splashing about. In the evening a stillness falls over the place and you wouldn’t know that outside of the walls is a bustling holiday resort.

The privacy and stillness gives the opportunity for more risqué photography, especially at night. Apologies that it’s a little out of focus. I like it though because I think it portrays my sense of calm and of love for just being there.

Photo of me standing wearing just my top facing away from the camera. I'm leaning on the side balcony and looking at the apartments opposite.

2 thoughts on “The place that makes me feel calm”

  1. This place looks so beautiful. I can see why it became your place to escape and recharge. I am hopeful that I will have a place like that some day. Maybe not in France, but I place where I feel I can let everything go and appreciate the environment. I can’t wait to see the new place. Thank you for sharing this.

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