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This week’s #Swap with floss is about celebrations. I’m a sucker for a party, any excuse to celebrate. With the right people, in the right place that is. I’m not one for random parties and events where I know no one and I’m forced to work a room. So, a few of my favourite celebrations, past and hopefully future.

Family Parties

I come from a family of people who know how to party. Certainly they did around the time I was in my 20’s. They probably still do, but there hasn’t been a great deal of chance recently. At one point we seemed to be celebrating a birthday, wedding or christening every few weeks. Well months. There were certainly lots of them.

Parties were often held in a house, and my parents hosted many. All of our birthdays, engagements and more. Plus there were cousins around our age to de-camp to for a good old party.

Lots of dancing and drinking, chatting and generally having a good time. Yep they were good days. Christmas’s were also spent with family, often larger gatherings by evening. I have some great memories of those times. Though they weren’t always without stress, especially related to my mum and the dinner!

Later when me and my siblings (and cousins) had children, I remember parties in the garden in summer with a BBQ.

More recently there have been more funerals than anything else. But even these turn into a pleasant, if not party like event.

We’ve begun to socialise with my brother and his partner a bit more, and they have been fun. I suspect there will be more of them too.

Party for two

Celebrations with others are great, but not vital. There are lots of times when we have partied on our own, and not just over the past couple of years either. The beauty of this relationship is that we can go off on our own without needing to involve others. Whether that’s a night or weekend in a hotel, a night in a dungeon or just a bottle of champagne and a bath.

Master says he isn’t a party person, and in the main that’s true. But he does like it when we are able to celebrate an event with good food, wine and some play. I have to admit I like it too.

Up and coming celebrations

I make no excuse for mentioning that this year we will be holding a slightly larger event, our wedding. It feels like time to cement our relationship more officially and so, that’s what we are going to do.

The wedding will be small by most people’s reckoning, but big enough of an event to make it pretty memorable I hope. Arrangements are in the early stages, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing about them here or on my Food and Fitness blog. Or perhaps both.

Right now, I’m celebrating small milestones. A good weight loss in January and very few days when I’ve had any alcohol mean I’m on track to fit in to the dress I want, in the size I want it to be. I’ll be writing more about that in my next #Five Things post!

2 thoughts on “Celebrations”

  1. The two of you make a good company in which you are never bored. This is a great happiness.
    I’m waiting for your photo in the dress you write about. Intrigued.

  2. I live a good family party, unfortunately I don’t get too so that with mine as often as if like she to distance, but hopefully I get there again at summer point this year. I hope your wedding is a wonderful celebration, I don’t if I’ll ever get married again but it is tempting purely because I think we’d have such an amazing time of it, I suspect the same is true of the two you from all over read on your blog 🙂

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