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Hands and Nails

We are in the bath. All you can see is my hand and a glass of Champagne. Plus at the other end master obscured by the glass. You can see his hand and arms as well as a little of his body. Plus one of my feet.
Bathtime hands

Hands and nails, including nail polish are not any kind of kink for me. But I do have preferences in terms of hands and nails in general. What’s more, hands themselves are a very important part of our relationship. This post is written for the memes #Swap with Floss and Kink of the Week.


I love to be touched by him. Whether he is stroking my arm, breast, clit or even feet I really do love the experience of being touched with his hands.

At the beginning of our relationship he touched me a lot. Much more than I was used to. We often sat close together on the sofa and snuggled up, then his hands would wander. Of course new relationships are often like that, certainly our was. Things are a bit different now, for one we live together now and maybe don’t need too spend all our time together touching. But still we have our moments when it comes to hand holding or else letting our hands caress the other.

At night Master loves to rest his hand on me, he says that it settles me when I am restless and he is definitely right. The one time I am less keen is when he has just got into bed. Then his hands are invariably cold, not that it stops him.

In more general terms, while hands per say do not turn me on I am turned off by dirty hands and nails.

Nails and nail polish

For years I just kept my nails short. As a nurse I wasn’t able to wear nail varnish and certainly false nails are out for infection control reasons. I also stopped biting my nails when I started nursing, for very obvious reasons.

It's my birthday and I'm holding up a glass of bucks fizz

These days I’m rubbish at keeping my nails nicely manicured. I really love to go and get a manicure, but usually reserve this for special occasions. I really should treat myself more frequently. The last time was in preparation for Eroticon 2020 which of course never happened. It did mean however I had nice nails for the start of the first lockdown. The image below was taken on my birthday 2017 and I’d obviously had my nails done then. As you can see my nails are still kept shortish, that’s really because they have a tendency to break. I do prefer them that way. Maybe I need more hands and nails photos, because the two on this post were tricky to find and as you can see involve fizzy drinks!

4 thoughts on “Hands and Nails”

  1. Like Modesty I was also nodding along, but the difference being I am the one getting into bed with cold hands, lol! Poor Mr F has had a bit of cold shock on more than one occasion because I often don’t realise just how cold they are.

  2. I have the same problem with my nails. They always break easily, so every time I grow them out, one ends up getting ripped off. Ugh. Putting a few layers of paint with a nice top coat seems to help though.

  3. It is usually me that puts my cold hands on him! But he is the touchy one, he always cuddles up to me or just has his hands on me somewhere!

    And the last time I had my nails done was for Eroticon 2020, which made it tricky when I couldn’t get them removed!

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