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Five Things #3

Five Things #3 Me bending over a bench to be spanked in Hoxton Dungeon. My bottom is a little red and bruised. How I knew I was kinky!
Me at Hoxton Dungeon, March 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined in with Five Things #2 – Winter, Snow, Ice and Cold Things. It was great to read about peoples experiences in using these tools. Click here to see who joined in. 

Welcome to week 2 – Winter, snow, ice and cold things.

Five Things is a weekly meme which asks contributors to share Five things about a topic. It is open to both bloggers and anyone with a Twitter account, because you can tweet 5 things really easily! All I would ask is that you read up on the rules / how to join in section before jumping in. Otherwise bloggers, just write a blog post, grab the badge and off you go. Don’t forget to link up below. 

Tweeters can either use the hashtag #FiveThings or else link up to the pinned tweet on my twitter page – @mpbjulie

5 words, 5 sentences or a whole blog post are all fine. 

I hope you will enjoy participating and will visit each others posts and tweets and leave comments where you can. Most of all have fun!

How I knew I was kinky

This is year I celebrate 10 years as a kinky person, writing about kinky things on my blog Master’s Pleasing Bitch (MPB). This had me thinking about my first explorations into kink through websites like Fetlife, chat rooms, books and of course blogs. Early in 2012 I was busy exploring them all as the realisation dawned that I needed more from my life. I was 49 and a late starter, but it most definitely wasn’t too late.

I’d love to know about your own kink awakenings and how you came to describe yourself as kinky (if indeed you do). The questions below are just prompts, anything goes here!

  • When did you first realise you were kinky?
  • How did it manifest itself?
  • What did you do about it?
  • How is your life different now than it was before?
  • What kink related things would you like to do in the future.

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