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Winter and cold things

A snowy garden scene. You can see animal footprints on the path. It's a sunny and bright snowy morning.
Snow in my mum’s garden Feb 2021

I don’t hate winter specifically because it’s cold. But because, unlike this morning it is often cloudy, dull and drab. For days and sometimes weeks on end we live in a kind of nothingness, that’s what I hate about winter. This is my second #FiveThings post. This week the prompt is about Winter, snow, ice and cold things. The prompt is open till Thursday 20th at midday so head over and take a look.


I love long days. When it isn’t dark in the afternoon, when it doesn’t feel like night at 4pm. I crave the light and the sun. It isn’t that I want heat specifically, because I’m actually not good in the heat. But I hate that warmth has to come from an artificial source in winter. Having said that, I am a romantic soul and do like the idea of sitting around a real fire or indeed having sex in front of one. But I don’t want to spend weeks and weeks huddled up and having sex on the floor or a sofa every day sounds nice but is impractical.

Snow and ice look pretty, but are a nightmare to be in, unless you are wearing skis or something. I went skiing once and liked it. I’d have liked to have tried it again. But my ex didn’t take to it and so that was essentially that. Walking in the snow is just cold and wet and ice is treacherous. I’m not well co-ordinated and am likely to slide onto my backside in the presence of ice. It’s happened before and not just on an actual ice rink. Nope, you can keep your picturesque winter scenes for photography. Instead give me a warm, sun lit wood with spring flowers, that’s my ideal.


Ice as created by humans in a freezer is a wonderful thing. For one thing it’s an essential to a gin and tonic or other lovely drink. I’m not just saying that because I am half way through dry January either! Cool water with ice and lemon is a much more splendid thing than something luke warm from a bottle or even cold from a tap. Ice definitely does something to a cold drink.

Ice as a play thing is also something to behold. I remember playing with some, years ago when home alone. As I ran it over my nipples, down my body too my mons and then over my vulva it excited me in a way I hadn’t expected. Since then I’ve experienced it with partners. You definitely need to be in the right place, physically and emotionally but ice can arouse in such an unexpected way. It’s a pleasure and pain thing, nerve endings tense and hairs stand on end as the body reacts. I love and hate it in the same breath, but the effect is amazing.

Winter, snow and ice are all good things so long as they can be packaged up in the ways I like them. But in general give me a sunny winters day, ice in my drink or on my nipple and snow, well keep that on a postcard.

3 thoughts on “Winter and cold things”

  1. Snow is only fun if there is plenty of it and everyone can just take a off and enjoy. It looks pretty at first. Once it just turns to slush and ice then it needs to be gone


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