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Reflections on my week

My left boob is reflected in the mirror. You can just see the remains of my right boob and also part of the wardrobe door.

I’m just back from my mum’s where I took this image after my shower this morning. Just two weeks in to the year and my reflections indicate that a positive picture continues. What’s more this post quadruples up as boob day, Sinful Sunday, Erotic Journal challenge and of course Jumpstart January!

Body and body image

5.5lb off in 2 weeks and less tight trousers is the highlight. This is the kind of positive news I’ve craved for weeks. Of course, before I was trying to lose weight without actually changing anything. It doesn’t take rocket science to realise this might now be the best approach. Result for me is feeling I can capture a great reflection in the mirror this morning.

My exercise programme has suffered from 2 days in the office this week. But I have walked more and also walked up and down more stairs while using the tube. Got to get back to the yoga on Monday, plus I have may swim tomorrow.

Still no booze has passed my lips. Master is helping me along by not drinking either. We’re getting through an amazing amount of water!


This is my third post of the week, again because of work stuff. But I have a few more lined up over the weekend and on Monday, so all is good there. I never set out to write every day in January because it isn’t feasible and I don’t have enough to say for that kind of behaviour.

4 people plus me participated in the first week of Five Things, which doesn’t feel too bad. There’s obviously work to do in prompting the meme but it feels like a reasonable start. Head over for this week’s prompt post on Winter and all things cold.

Relationship stuff

Master is at last recovering from the injury he sustained at New Year. His continued pain has meant we’ve had no sex for the past two weeks. But hopefully that barren patch will end very soon. I’m pretty sure he is raring to go, I just hope he is recovered enough.

Apart from work, life here has been pretty quiet. Evenings have been spent watching TV since we have no where much to go. Plus of course Master is in recovery mode. To be honest I’m quite happy with that while the evenings are dark and long. No doubt I’ll get stir crazy before long, but not just yet.

So, that’s the week. Not thrilling or exciting but positive. To top it off a photo I’m pretty happy with.

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