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A photo of Swanage on the Dorset Coast. The jurassic coastline can be clearly seen along with grass, rocks and the sea.

Week 2 of #SWAP with Floss has arrived with the prompt: revitalised. I’m linking this with the Erotic Journal Challenge prompt for today of Lost and Found.

Since we arrived back from Holiday last autumn there’s been little to excite. We did managed a few nights away in two different locations in October to attend music events. Something we’d not been able to do since March 2020. But shortly after that the covid numbers began to rise and there seemed little point in even thinking ahead, let alone really planning it. Plus, I returned to work and hunkered down a bit with that. As the night’s drew in I knew I’d be biding my time till at least Christmas has passed.

Memories of 2021

Now suddenly we’re hurtling towards the middle of January and thoughts are turning to things we might want to do in spring. The image above was taken on our first trip away in 2021, something that revitalised me in a way I never imagined. In the past I might have been restricted by work or family commitments. or of course financial constraints. But never because we weren’t allowed to travel or stay away from home. My January 2020 self wouldn’t believe such a thing could happen.

But happen it did and so arriving at the Dorset coast on a sunny May afternoon last year filled me with the most amazing joy. As I breathed in the delicious sea air and looked around me at the beautiful sights, I was almost overwhelmed with pleasure. Just looking at this and other photos from that trip make me smile. That includes the burger and chips eaten in a chilly pub garden (no inside dining allowed). These are memories too savour.

Planning 2022

Over the past week we’ve begun to tentatively plan for this spring. A music festival in Shropshire, a trip westwards with my brother and partner. Now the bones of our trip to France to start house hunting. We’ve learned to approach these things with caution, but at the same time if you don’t plan or take the plunge and book, you’ll do nothing and go no where. In fact I’m almost revitalised by the very act of doing so.

Thinking of the Lost and Found prompt, it occurs to me that I lost something of myself as I sank into the doom and gloom of news, yet again. After 2 years of this, though I need to strike a more positive note. It’s not possible to completely ignore life outside of my own. I value my health and don’t wish to take undue risks. But at some time you have to learn to live again. I feel 2022 is ripe for that.

3 thoughts on “Revitalised”

  1. I feel like a few of us have reached a turning point, where everything isn’t better looks at the news with a heavy heart but we need to move forward regardless and try to revive various aspects of our lives. I hope we’ve both made in roads with that but starting new projects 🙂 I also have to give you #SWAP bonus points for holidaying in my home county #DorsetForTheWin x

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