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I’ve decided that perseverance is my word for 2022. You see, I’m great at starting things with great enthusiasm, but not so good at seeing them through to the end. I’m no starter finisher people. Rather I’m the ideas person and also the power behind others who finish off the work. I’ve done leadership and personality tests during my career that tell me this. However, it is true. My key things to perservere with are:

Weight loss

I’ve been telling myself that I can’t lose weight any more. It is definitely the case that since the menopause and because of the tablets I take post breast cancer losing weight is harder. But it turns out it’s not impossible. After dilly dallying around for 3 months post holiday and losing a total of a pound (up and down like a yoyo), I have lost the lot in under 2 weeks.

I can now focus my sights on where I want to be. Mainly it involves the clothes I want to be able to wear. This morning I went through my wardrobe and the boxes under the bed and had a sort out. I cleared out old work clothes I’ll never wear, stuff I don’t like and a couple of occasional dresses I hope will help another. But I also found things I dearly want to wear. Some beautiful dresses, trousers and shorts that were too tight last year.

This year I need to persevere with the weight loss and be able to wear my clothes. What’s more, I hope I’ll be much fitter while I wear them, because I certainly struggled to get up a few hills last summer!


As I’ve mentioned about 10 times already this year, my blog is 10 years old in April. I want to make this a good blogging year and achieve greater consistency with regular blogging. To achieve this I will need to be persistent with my planning and writing. Write when I feel keen, save stuff and then post when I’mm feeling less enthusiastic. I’m not setting goals but around 2 posts a week should be the minimum. Hopefully with the various memes I can stick to that regime.

I definitely want to keep blogging on my Food, health and fitness blog and up the game there too. I used it last summer for my travel diary and will definitely do that again. I also plan to use it to navigate my weight loss and health improvement journey.

Have fun

I don’t need much encouragement to enjoy myself to be honest. But the past couple of years have shown that Master and I now need to make more effort to actually go places and do things. So much of our before life is either gone or delivered in a different way. We are starting to make plans for April and May so that’s a start. Plus there is a big thing I have planned for later in the summer, which I’ll write more about very soon.

Part of my need for perseverance involves not just planning things, but doing them too. I’m excellent at moving tasks from one week to the next and to the next and so on.

Finally I don’t want to much of my fun times to involve alcohol. I need these periods of sobriety to occur often because to be frank just cutting down doesn’t work for me. I’m apparently an all or nothing kind of girl. So more planning to be done there.

In conclusion then, my word of the year is perseverance. By the end of the year I might even be able to spell it!

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