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Journals, Planners and Diaries

I tidied my desk after this was taken!

So, my new meme Five things is live with the first prompt: Journals, Planners and Diaries. I’m thrilled to have got it up and running and to have a couple of link ups in the first day. I know it won’t be all plain sailing, but I’m determined about this and so many other things this year. I’ve always loved the idea of journals, planners and diaries. In fact anything that involves pens and a notebook. I am an absolute obsessive when it comes to stationery. But what about my actual experience with these tools?

1. Early diary memories

The first diary I remember owning was a beautiful 5 year diary with a lock and key. The days and years were blank to add your own and I loved writing a few thoughts in it each day. Until I either had too much to say or nothing at all. Good thing was there was always next year to write something about and to look back on. Probably a good gift for a pre-teen and something that may have started off my love of stationery.

2. Work diary

When I was a district nurse, for the first time planning and my diary became really important things. A page a day of an A5 book was just about enough space to keep details of my visits, admin work and a few other things I might need to do. These days, I’d need A4 at least because back then I kept a lot of information in my head. My memory as a 30 year old was much sharper, though I tell myself it’s because I’d retained less back then. The diaries had to be kept for 7 years as they were official records and that also meant you had to be careful what went into them.

3. Planners

My current planner is something of a throw back to those days. I use an electronic diary to make sure I’m in the right place at the right time. Especially useful now that the same diary can be seen everywhere. My planner acts as more in depth diary, planning tool and general place to write lists. I love the circle planner and this year have the slightly bigger one in lilac. It has a view for the week on two pages which makes it easy to see what is going on. The planner is large enough to be able to fit in work, blogging and other daily activities. It could also fit in a social life if I had one at the moment.

4. Planning

One of the problems over the past couple of years has been the lack of things worthy of planning. My 2020 planner was full up for the first 3 months of the year and then fell away to nothing. I carried on planning blog posts, but struggled to find much to write about. Last year was similar except I picked up a job at the beginning of the year and that helped fill a few gaps. This year I intend it to be different.

Today’s Erotic Journal Challenge prompt is: Plan ahead for the coming week. What is the one thing you’d like to challenge yourself to do?

Well I’m planning today. Personal, work and blog. At the moment it’s mainly in my head, but by this afternoon it will be written on the pages of my planner. My one thing is to find and book a wedding venue. I’ll be trying to get that done, or at least started this week.

5. Journal

This is essentially my journal. I worked out early on, with the 5 year diary that I am not someone who wants or needs to write every thing down. But if I write nothing at all it’s hard to remember what happened and when. At times of change, especially relationships, illness and other important events a record can be useful. When things seem difficult and bleak it can be helpful to read of a better time. At the end of a relationship, it’s possible to see the reality of why. My biggest regret is deleting a previous blog, I wish I’d just taken it off line.

This blog is nearly 10 years old. It provides a useful resource for both me and for Master of the things I and we have done. Of thoughts and feelings, of happiness and pain. That’s one of the reason I’m unhappy with my effort last year, because when I came to look back there was often little to see. Of course months passed last year with very little to say, but I still had opinions and I’m planning to voice more of them this year.

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