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Bend right over

This image, while not taken during exercise, puts me in mind of how much I’ve looked down at the ground this week. Whether on my hands and knees, bottom up a downward dog posed or bent right over. This week, I’ve tried my hand (and feet) at yoga after a long break. Very quickly I’ve realised I need to take the 30 day programme at a slower pace. The first indication was when I went swimming and muscles I’d forgotten about hurt like hell. Of course it’s not a race, it’s part of a whole programme of change I’m trying to introduce to may life. One thing I can do pretty well though is to bend right over. I have no problem with that, especially when instructed to do so!

I'm bending over naked showing my bottom and tops of my legs. One buttock is reflected in a mirror to the left hand side with furniture and a door beyond.

5 thoughts on “Bend right over”

  1. One of the things I love about yoga is that you can take it at a slow steady pace and adapt it to your own level. Even thought I have been doing it a while now there are plenty of things I have to alter and adapt for my body shape and strength but like you bending over is not one of them!


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