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A boob in the sun

When boob day was around before I didn’t participate very often. To be honest I’ve fallen out off love with my remaining breast. Which to be frank is a real shame, because it doesn’t look all that bad. I’m 60 this year and it’s definitely time to take a bit more pride in what I have. Especially if I can shrink down some of the bits that are getting in the way (tummy).

Anyway I’m glad to see Boobday back and in a new home this time hosted by Molly , and I’ll definitely try to join in more. I’m also pleased on this occasion to show my boob in the sun.

This was taken at the end of our picnic, at a sun kissed spot in Spain (I think). A few photos were taken that day, and there are still some to share. Along with others from our summer jaunt. It’s memories like this that keep me going through the dark and cold of winter. I certainly can’t wait till I can get my boob out again in the sun

I'm sitting outdoors on a sunny day. I'm topless, there is a tree behind. My left boob is proudly to the front. I have had a mastectomy so there is no right boob.

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