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This is my first Erotic Journal Club post for quite some time. I’m really glad to see Brigit has regained her mojo and zest for writing at the same time as I have. Excited too that she has so many prompts coming out, which makes it easier to find something that appeals. Anyway, the prompt for today, 4 January is:

“What we are not changing we are choosing”

David Richo

For me, that says that if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

What I need to fix

January is often a time of reflection and also a time when we try to fix everything about ourselves. As I outlined in my post a few days ago there are things to do with my health, weight and fitness I really do want to change. This isn’t because I want to jump on a bandwagon, it’s because I seriously have some changes to make. The key one, which I glossed over didn’t even mention is the amount of alcohol we’ve been consuming. I suspect this lies at the crux of my inability to lose weight. Plus the more wine I drink the more likely I am to eat junk food and unhealthy snacks. All of which I had once excluded from my diet.

I haven’t been great at updating my blog here, but my Food and Fitness one has been dormant since October. I used it successfully in the summer to record our travels. I’m planning to do this again when we get to go places again. Meantime I’m going to post my diet and fitness updates over there and link back there when I want to update on my main blog.

What ain’t broke and doesn’t need fixing (but can be tweaked)

Our relationship is really strong. We have our wobbles, but that usually means we need to up our game when it comes to communication. Because while we talk about anything and everything, we don’t always make ourselves clear to each other. Plus it’s easy to settle into a routine of life. We had one of those discussions over New Year and while we need to keep the communication going, all with us is really good.

Next month it will be 8 years since we got together for the first time. The time seems to have flown by, while at the same time it feels like my former life is a dim memory. Before Christmas my ex messaged that he still misses me. I ignored him because I’m not going there with him, but also because there is no need. I don’t miss him and am extremely happy with the life I have.

Early last month we were able to go to a kink club at last. It was all safely managed with covid passes and LFT tests before we went. We enjoyed the company of others, but at a distance and especially loved watching people at play. It was such a joy to see how happy people were. At last we got the chance to play ourselves and I came home with a sore, though sadly not especially marked backside. What we didn’t do was to go into the big communal area or the hot tub. They felt like they could be a breeding ground if ever there was one.

Getting back into a kink arena though, was just what we needed. It has reignited our desire for more play and for upping the ante a little on our BDSM focus. So maybe we’ll stay at a dungeon for Master’s Birthday in March and hopefully we will be able to return to the club the same month for CMnf. By then hopefully I’ll be feeling better about my body image because a few pounds will be lost.

Life in general

Life is good. There’s a reasonable balance of work and play. We might be a bit restricted in everything we can do but I can’t see much that needs chaining from our personal point of view. So while that remains the same we won’t be seeking to fix much that ain’t broke.

1 thought on “If it ain’t broke!”

  1. That’s a great way to interpret this quote.

    I am also similarly facing my wine consumption. It is definitely one of the major reasons for my recent small gain. That and being quite sedentary over break. We just discussed cutting back on alcohol last night…and getting our rears back on the treadmill.

    I’m glad you got to go to a club. I haven’t been in years, and we have only met up with two couples (neither worked out). 😕 Covid has done a number on our kink adventures. Here’s hoping that we get better at navigating this new Covid world in a way that allows us a bit more freedom and room for connections.

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