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Putting my senses into overload

Fireworks were exploding all around outside the house and on the TV people were linking hands and singing Auld Lang Syne. Master though had disappeared. We were home alone after a quiet night in; dinner and wine then more wine and finally champagne. Just before midnight he went upstairs and seemed to be taking an age. It was New Year already and I had no one to snog. Suddenly he walked into the room.

Master standing in front of the Christmas tree wearing a pair of leather chaps and nothing else. You can see his cock

Wow! Quite the look, I think you’d agree. I’ve never known him wear kink wear, usually he buys stuff for me. My new year’s gift set all of my senses into overload. The sight of him aroused me, the scent of his skin as I leant in towards him, a mixture of his own arousal and his natural aroma. Mixed in was the delicious smell of leather which I could almost taste as I wrapped my mouth around his cock. I breathed him in and tasted him as I sucked and licked, wrapping my fingers around his bare arse. OMG, what a New Year treat. Sitting back I observed the effect I’d already had on him.

Closer up and an erect cock. Still wearing chaps.

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