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Responsibility of the submissive?

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This week’s No True Way prompt states that: It is a submissive’s responsibility to make sure the dominant (always) reaches orgasm.

First of all let me state that I think that this is a load of rubbish. I mean if Master wants me to bring him to orgasm in some way then it certainly is my responsibility to try to make this happen. But it certainly can’t just be about me can it?

Master definitely wants and needs to orgasm more than I do. But I can’t make it happen if his body doesn’t allow it. Sometimes the mind is far more willing than the body, but when it does happen I’m an absolutely willing participant. I love nothing more than gripping his cock with my vaginal muscles as he moves in and out of me. Of feeling the come pumping into me, because that is my preference. I don’t have ultimate control on that either, because if he decides that he wants to come on my tummy then that’s his prerogative.

Other times Master decides he wants to play with his property and / or enjoy her body for his enjoyment. This may lead to an orgasm for me something that he enjoys to watch happen. It may also lead to PIV sex and an orgasm for him, but equally it may not. So the idea that it is the submissive’s responsibility to make sure they dominant orgasms irrespective of the situation is complete bollocks.

Our sex life is a little less frequent right now. We are both suffering from a definite post summer / long holiday away low. The weather, hours of daylight and fact I’m back working have all contributed. Getting our libido ticking over again has to be the responsibility of us both. But it will take effort from us both! I’m a firm believer in Use it or Lose it.

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