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The weather outside today is just horrible. Thankfully we don’t have snow and the wind isn’t too bad, unlike other parts of the country, it is wet, windy and very cold. That got me thinking back to our summer holiday. Picnics are a common feature of our travels. We tour around visiting places of interest and, having stocked up on supplies have a picnic lunch. It’s not always possible to find proper picnic sites with all the facilities. In the past we’ve set up our table and chairs by the side of a country road, beside fields and once on a green area in front of a block of flats.

On this particular day though we struck lucky, not only was it a proper site but it was clean and deserted. This led to a little semi naked frolic and a set of picnic based photos. I haven’t edited out the remains of our picnic, because you can see that it’s a real thing. I must admitI yearn for those warm sunny days when it was possible to get naked while eating lunch outside!

I'm sitting at a picnic table at a picnic site naked. You can see my naked top half. I'm surrounded by the remains of our picnic.

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10 thoughts on “Picnic”

  1. I love picnics! Being outdoors, especially when naked, is so invigorating. I do it so rarely, though, which is a sad thing…maybe I need to set myself a challenge. That fresh air is healing and energizing. Plus it feels so deliciously naughty to be exposed.

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