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The magic of water

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water” Loren Eitsely

I am standing naked in a doorway sideways on. I am looking over the balcony and beyond a lake and beyond them mountains

There is something magic and often beautiful about the bodies of water we find around us. Trouble is sometimes we have to travel to encounter them plus wait for the right weather to see the real beauty.

This year I’ve been lucky to visit and stay in some beautiful places, often close to the sea or a river or lake. After months of being stuck at home at the beginning of the year, it was just what I needed. Our first trip in the spring after lockdown was to Dorset. After months of confinement, I will never forget the stroll by the sea from our airbnb. Breathing in the familiar smell of ozone, salty and slightly fishy. It was amazing and set the tone for later weekend breaks and of course our holiday.

This year too I’ve swum in the sea, jumped waves when they were too rough for swimming. I’ve also spent a wonderful afternoon swimming in and then sitting by a river. The sense of freedom that these activities gave me was immensely liberating. I will never take these things for granted again, nor just swimming in a pool.

Swimming is my favourite form of exercise. It provides excellent exercise for my right arm which since my mastectomy is prone to stiffness as well as underarm swelling. But also I find it relaxing as an activity that I don’t with any other exercise. Since returning from holiday, I’ve settled back into my routine of once or sometimes twice a week. With a 20 minute walk each way. It’s my time for myself and a way to unwind from the stresses and strains of life. I love it.

Unfortunately Master is not a water lover, though even he swam in the pool at one of our holiday airbnbs. He used it as a way of cooling off in the 30+ degree heat. So swimming or generally getting into some water is often a solo pursuit for me. But actually I really don’t mind, it gives me enough of a lift not to care that I’m doing it alone. Maybe though when we find our new French home, there might be a pool and if there is I imagine that he would join me much more.

He’s definitely a hot tub man and that’s something we also have in mind getting for ourselves. Yep a girl can dream and those dreams will often include the magic of water.

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