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What is sex?

I am naked and he is leaning over me with a vibrator on my nipple.

“Sex means PIV. Everything else is foreplay, petting, making out etc.”

This week’s No True Way is about sex and this quote which offers, in my view a very narrow definition. It’s sad that it’s 2021 and people might actually believe this statement to be true. That sex can essentially only between a man and a woman and that there is only one way, one true way perhaps?

Sex for us definitely doesn’t go by any narrow definition. There are lots of aspects to it which might include touching, stroking, kissing, sucking and biting. I don’t think of these as foreplay or petting since that might be the extent of what we do. Or they may happen before or after penis in vagina sex (PIV), or indeed anal or oral. All of which are of course sex.

We do have a lot of PIV sex

But that’s habit and convenience. I know Master would like us to have more anal, but we’ve gotten out of the habit. It feels tricky, though not impossible to get back to it. Partly because it takes effort on my part to prepare and I’ve got lazy. Our sex life often involves me being on my back or side, though not exclusively. Often we will be both using our hands and / or mouths to show our enjoyment at the sex we are having. It’s never dull though, because the missionary position can be a pretty hot one!


Orgasms sadly don’t come easily to me. Most these days come through stimulation with something buzzy. I don’t always feel the need to come which is in complete contrast to my previous life when I usually wasn’t offered the chance. But when I do it could be in the middle of everything else we are doing or after has has already come. All of it though is part of sex. Indeed, to my mind having an orgasm and doing nothing else, alone or together feels like sex. Together is better for me since I spent far too much of my life satisfying myself.

Arousal isn’t greater or less if I’m having PIV sex, to be frank I’ve had some pretty rubbish vaginal sex and come like mad with someone who never put their cock inside me.

Sex is anything you want it to be, even with a machine! Sadly it can also be something you don’t want and the definitions still hold firm. But that’s another topic entirely and one I’m not venturing into today.

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