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Making memories

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory” Dr Seuss

I'm standing in a lookout turret of a castle, showing my bum. Ypi can see my cardigan, knickers, bum, legs 
 and sandals.

We take lots of photos of the places we go to. Mainly to be honest of the beauty around us, rather than ourselves or each other. Moments in time are stored as scenic views, buildings and landscape, food and drink, the life that goes on around us. We do take images of each other, usually accidentally in the shot of something else rather than posed. This image though is different. It was taken with a particular purpose, to be shared on this blog. Plus I guess for the photographer to look back on later.

Taking naked or semi naked images of each other has become a feature of our life together, especially while we are travelling. This and the others taken early one evening in September form part of our memories of that place in the Catalan area of Spain. The soft light made the buildings glow that beautiful colour and the landscape beyond looked more glorious than it did in realisty.

We stayed within the former castle. In a beautiful room, sleeping in a four poster bed. It was a magical couple of days. Some of many this summer.

It’s only now that we are home and the cold nights draw in that I can really appreciate the memories we formed this summer. The tough walks up to see a beautiful view. The fabulous hotels with their amazing rooms and glorious views. The quirky food often served up especially in Spanish hotels. Trying to pick up bread, ham and cheese with my own pair of bamboo tweezers at breakfast and being served a huge piece of meat and very little else at dinner. Sex, lots of hotel sex. Evenings spent making plans for the future and allowing them to change as the weeks progressed. Sex, lots of sex!

I haven’t shared so many photos lately. Indeed my writing has all but dried up. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t stocked up on fun and sexy images while making memories, because we have.

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4 thoughts on “Making memories”

  1. I love the picture in the turret? The framing is perfect

    And making memories like this is so special and powerful. I think the last year or so it has been challenging to do and maybe makes the one we did manage even more sepcial


  2. Making memories is key I think and these past couple of years have highlighted the need to enjoy ourselves.

    And, just so you know, turret is a scavenger hunt location, so feel free to link it up.

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