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Are collars reusable?

I'm in the bathroom wearing a white bra with pink roses, a collar and a smile!

Suddenly I feel more like writing. Yesterday I had a work report to write and felt better doing it while simultaneously writing a blog post. Today I’m on a day off work and thankfully haven’t lost the urge. So already I’m way up on last month. Anyway I digress. This week’s No True Way is about collars – Should a submissive’s collar be special and unique to them, or can a Dominant reuse them?

For me it depends on what the collar is meant to signify and who actually owns it. In her post Lilly writes about play collars which I think often get reused. After all the dominant might play with a number of submissives and may use them to help the submissive get into the right head space. Both Steve and Master did so with me in those early days. I also love that Molly offered and gifted some of her collars to Lilly, I actually love that idea. What I wouldn’t want though is to be given something to wear that meant something special to another without their knowledge, or permission. I can categorically say that Master’s former slave would rather dance on my grave than see me wear the collar he gave her.

Having said that, he did buy me something similar and I am only too happy to wear it. But to me, my collar is a kin to a wedding ring. We have both made promises to each other than are special to us. The collar is a symbol of those promises. I’d be devastated if he just took it from my neck and hung it on someone else!

Other collars I own are a bit different. The posture collars, those attached to harnesses I no longer feel comfortable wearing, play collars that I don’t specifically own anyway. I’d be only to happy to gift those to another if they wanted them. They aren’t specifically symbolic of this relationship, though we’ve had great fun and serious moments with them.

No, my titanium collar, hung around my neck back in 2015 and rarely off my neck since is mine and mine alone. If Master wanted to collar another and I don’t think he does. Then he’d definitely be getting them their own unique collar. But that is another story entirely!

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