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A summer of discovery

I'm standing facing the window and the photographer is behind me. I'm naked and outside there is a balcony, lake and mountains

As E.L Byrne notes on her Lustitude prompt, summer in the Northern Hemisphere has come to an end. Like her I’ve watched the evolution of the seasons from a different vantage point this year. In doing so I’ve kind of missed summer here in the uk and have returned to find it is already full blown autumn.

But what a summer it has been. With the easing of travel restrictions we wanted to go away to somewhere we knew we would be safe. Given that travel to other countries is still something of a privilege and not without its problems we opted for a long holiday in Spain and France. Countries we know well and are pretty much at home in. It feels to a great extent that these will continue to be our main choices for the foreseeable future.

Unlike last year it felt ok to use hotels rather than just self catering accommodation. We were also able to enjoy something of a tour to our destination, lapping up some of the culture and history that has been lacking this past 18 months. So with 8 weeks stretching ahead of us we set off on a ferry to Spain and began our journey. Little did I know that we would also be rediscovering our M/s relationship along the way.

A reawakening

The lack of opportunities for getting together with like minded kinky people and to exercise our desires for fun and play had taken their toll. Added to that I had been unexpectedly working (pretty hard) since January. This was obviously playing on Master’s mind as we prepared for holiday. I admit to focusing much more on practical issues (ferry bookings, a clean house to come home to, clothes that actually fit etc.) Almost immediately he made it clear that he wanted me to concentrate on being his slave and in providing him pleasure. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get attention, but that my pleasure is for his enjoyment. This mostly manifested itself in the bedroom, since we were busy doing stuff most days, at least to begin with.

Interestingly the more I focused on providing pleasure the more I enjoyed both giving of myself the more I wanted to give. As a bonus my body responded more readily than it has been doing for quite some while. More sex definitely led to more and much better and fulfilling sex. I’ve written about the use if or lose it thing before but this pretty much confirmed the more sex you have the more you want. I know he finds the power he has over me intoxicating, but I definitely found submission to be a great aphrodisiac too!

A hint of times to come

The long sunny days are something we appreciate when away in that part of Europe. That the sky is clear for so much of the time and that rain comes in in frequent bursts is a massive bonus. I know we have good summers in England but they never seem to last for more than a few weeks at a time (if that). As our time away drew to a close we made a decision. Rather than the small apartment we have in France, we need something bigger. A place we can spend more time in and where we can welcome visitors. So, next spring we’ll return and start house hunting. Post Brexit rules mean at the moment we can only spend 3 months in the EU out of each 6 month period. But there may be ways of extending that if and when we decide to do so.

It certainly feels that exciting times may lay ahead and that we will find more of what we want by being in a place we love. If that also helps our dynamic, which I suspect it would, then I’m all for that.

We face autumn and winter at home now, but those cold, dark nights will be filled with possibilities of what the future might hold and that is really exciting.

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  1. I am so happy you found a renewal of your relationship over the summer. Sunshine and time away will do that sometimes! I am excited for your future plans too! How lovely to think about house hunting in France!

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