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That was September

I don’t know when or even if I have ever written just one post in a month. Much less no posts at all. It is that thought alone that brings me to my laptop on this last day of September.

We arrived home late last night from an amazing 8 weeks away in France and Spain. The longer we were away they less inclined I felt to write anything on my blog. Even my Food and fitness / Travel blog has laid dormant. It isn’t that I have nothing to say or write, I just haven’t felt inclined to say or do it. Laziness yes, lack of material no.

There have been lots of moments together that I could have written about. Both in terms of our sex life and the constant and More overt M/s elements of our relationship. Also we have been places and done great things. I’ve bared my arse in public places and we have images to prove it. Maybe I’ll get back into Sinful Sunday again soon and thankfully I have plenty of photos to choose from. But in many ways September has been about just living our lives and enjoying doing that. You know what I think I’m pretty happy with that.

I’m wondering about my blog, 10 years old next spring. Wondering whether I have said all I need to or if there is more. Knowing me it will likely be the latter. I expect that the minute I’m back at work (next week) I’ll think of something profound to write, after all there is something about cramming things into less time that appeals. Why not write when you have all the time in the world I hear you ask…….yea well that would be too easy.

The key thing for me though is allowing myself to blog if I want and not to beat myself up if I don’t. After all this is a blog for myself and not for others (though readers are a definite bonus). Writing for the sake of it though definitely isn’t the thing to do. Nor, as I have done in the past is promising More. I won’t promise because I don’t know if I can or want to fulfil it. I guess I’m at a happy place of living life in a contented way but without feeling an inclination to share much with the world.

September was good. Warm and sunny, filled with fun and laughter with friends and my brother who made it over to France. Of new experiences; places not visited before. Of travel, lots of travel. Tomorrow is October and time will tell whether I write more than during September. I have a hunch that I might manage something, but we’ll have to see.

2 thoughts on “That was September”

  1. Sometimes it’s important to just live life, be present with the world around us. I found myself completely out of sync with the written word over August. Embracing the ebb and flow is a one of the joys of life, I think.

    Thank you for linking it up. N x

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