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Is stubbornness a bad thing?

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This week’s No True way prompt is about stubbornness. Is this a bad thing in a submissive?

I’m not sure being stubborn has anything to do with being submissive, it’s a character trait. A certain level of persistence in standing your ground is a reasonable thing for anyone, but knowing when to walk away from a situation is as important. I’ve spent my life being relatively stubborn. Or rather persistent and not immediately giving in when I knew or imagined I was right. It’s helped me get through life. Trouble is the longer you hang on, the harder it is to carry on with normal life or else admit you were wrong if you were.

As a submissive / slave I have agreed that in the main he has control over the things we do. For this reason there are times when I don’t persist in my stubbornness as there is little way to win. Even when it is a topic that I consider myself to have greater expertise in, I am more likely to walk away from the situation than previously.

That’s not because I’m a good submissive, I’m not. Instead, I favour a happier and quieter life. I’m done with the arguments of old. Interestingly Master has apologised on more than one occasion on discovering I was right all along.

We don’t do punishment, or rather he doesn’t. Pain is usually for pleasure and life is too short for the cold silent treatment. We tend to distance from each other briefly after an altercation and then we try to move forward rather than baring grudges. That kind of behaviour has got neither of us very far in the past.

Age helps in reducing the chance of a standoff. I just can’t be bothered to argue or constantly stand my ground for ever. Life feels much too short for that.

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